The Craziest Leaping Plays in Sports

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The Craziest Leaping Plays in Sports
Photo: Laura Segall

Fire up Google in your browser.  Now search for the term "leap".  Don't worry, we'll wait... 

Surprisingly, the results will be littered way too heavily with the early-90's Scott Bakula sci-fi snoozer series, Quantum Leap.  It's 2012 for crying out loud, maybe Google's broken. 

Doesn't make for a good sporting article, trust me.

Stand in front of an office water cooler on a mundane Monday morning during football season, and you're sure to hear something different though.

There are some plays just made for YouTube. Just made to be watched over and over until your finger aches from clicking the replay button.  Just made to provoke a crowded sports bar raise hands in united cheer.  Just made to be discussed over and over with friends, family and sports fans and foes alike. 

Those "Did you see that?!?" kinds of moments—ones that not only add dramatic effect, but those that literally defy physics and common logic. Clips showing players giving up their bodies for the game, teammates and fans. 

A few short seconds can create a hero.  It could be a football player launching their body into mid-air like a cannonball, a charging outfielder risking his health to slam into a wall or a basketball player lifting off so high he might come back down with snow on his head. 

These are the plays make us re-watch endlessly.  These are the plays we can't wait to discuss.  These plays are history without words. 

Most importantly, these are the plays that remind us why we love seemingly simple games. 

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