WWE: Booking the Possible Feuds for Chris Jericho

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistJune 25, 2012

WWE: Booking the Possible Feuds for Chris Jericho

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    Tonight will mark the Millennium, the day WWE gets saved and the end of the world as we know it, again.

    Chris Jericho returns after the WWE handed down a 30-day suspension as a PR move after Chris Jericho, in character, kicked a Brazilian flag.

    I put together a list of possible eight feuds for Jericho to get involved in with his return, going in order of worst to best.

John Cena

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    Chris Jericho versus John Cena would be pointless.

    First off, Jericho would be booked as the heel and he needs to return as a face. Secondly, there is no worthwhile conflict to have or create between the two.

    It is a possibility because Cena seems to be ready to start something new. Raw ended last week with him putting closure to the Big Show and John Laurinaitis situation. This leaves the potential for Jericho returning this week for the purpose of a Cena feud, but I really hope not.


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    Chris Jericho returning to go after the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus would likely result in Jericho being a participant in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

    Jericho would let it be known he wants that title.

    He could do it either in a promo or attack Sheamus. This would tease towards an eventual match between the two. Sheamus will likely end up facing Alberto Del Rio or the Big Show at the next pay-per-view because he has unfinished business with them. This means Jericho has to be in the ladder match. He should be able to win that which would lead to a faceoff with Sheamus at SummerSlam.


    Again, Jericho should be a face so I don't like this. The scenario is very predictable if he came back and made it clear he is looking for the World Heavyweight Championship. Jericho's time back in the WWE is again constantly being monitored as he has his music career. I don't expect him to be around past September so with that known time restriction, I don't want to see him involved in a title picture.


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    Ryback has been steamrolling through the local wrestlers and asking for more.

    A Chris Jericho return and stare down tonight after Ryback wins another squash match would certainly get the people on their feet. However, who is the face and who is the heel? WWE has been booking Ryback as the face but people are ready for a credible opponent for Ryback and therefore would initially want to cheer Jericho.


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    Tensai is currently getting some tweaking and re-packaging done after his initial Lord Tensai debut didn't get off the ground as WWE had hoped.

    Chris Jericho and Tensai would have to begin cutting regular promos for this to work. I think the in-ring matches between the two would be entertaining. They have both wrestled around the world and are veterans. This idea would be very intriguing and it would help get heat on Tensai.

The Miz

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    Chris Jericho makes his grand entrance and gets in the ring ready to speak. Before he can get a single word out, all we hear is “Awesome.”

    The Miz comes out and says something to the effect of “Another Chris Jericho return we all have to be excited about? Really? Really? Really?”

    The Miz just wrapped up filming The Marine 3 so he could be at Raw tonight. I smile when thinking about the verbal jabs these two personalities would take at each other.

Dean Ambrose

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    I would book this as somewhat similar to The Miz idea, but I wouldn't even let Jericho make it to the ring. I would go about this one of two ways.

    One way would be to have Jericho walk to the ring, then go around ringside and greet fans. Then Ambrose jumps out of the crowd to beat down Jericho. Of course, the commentators will initially play it off as a fan and scream for security.

    The second way would be to have Jericho show up in a limo outside the arena, tease his return is up next and cut to commercial. When we come back from commercial, his entrance theme goes off but we don't see him. Eventually, the cameras cut to the back where we see Jericho laying on the ground beaten up. We now have the mystery and hunt for who attacked Jericho. It can be stretched out for just a week or perhaps for a month and eventually reveal Dean Ambrose was the attacker.

    Either way it would be the perfect explosive way for Dean Ambrose to debut on WWE television and a worthwhile feud with a young star for Jericho to be utilized in.

Dolph Ziggler

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    Vickie Guerrero is the GM of Raw tonight so the open spot of Jericho starting a feud with her client Dolph Ziggler is there.

    Vickie and Dolph can cut a promo which allows Jericho to come out to a positive crowd reaction. Ziggler and Jericho intrigue me as it would be a first. Good matches, good characters clashing and a big feud that Ziggler can use to prove himself in until he gets in serious contention for the WWE Championship.

Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett has been projected to return this summer from injury.

    Barrett interrupting Jericho's return would work in so many ways. Jericho was Barrett's coach on the first season of NXT. That can be used to setup this conflict as Barrett can blame not having won a world title and even his injuries on Jericho being involved with him from the beginning.

    Even if Barrett is only 90 percent and still has a few weeks to wait before he's ready to get in the ring, the feud can start now. It can be a couple weeks of promos, followed by Jericho being in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match and Barrett interfering in the match and taking Jericho out of it. Now the two would be on the path to have a SummerSlam match.