The Giants Are Playing The Game Again

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

The Giants are seemingly upset with Plaxico’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, for letting other teams know that Plax may be on the trading block.

“A Giants spokesman said general manager Jerry Reese had ‘nothing to say’ on the matter.  But according to one of the people familiar with the situation — a member of one team’s front office who was on Rosenhaus’ list of recipients — the Giants had plenty to say earlier this week.  Giants assistant general manager Kevin Abrams notified the rest of the league that the Giants had not authorized Rosenhaus to pursue trade scenarios on Burress’ behalf, and that any inquiries about Burress’ availability would constitute tampering.”

Do you really think Jerry Reese or anyone else in the organization actually cares about this?  Of course not!!  The Giants are just playing the game.

The G-men know things will never work out with that lunatic after he went "bam bam bam" on his own leg in the middle of a Super Bowl run.  But, they also know there are teams out there dumb enough to take a chance on the old man (he’s 31 already people!).  This means they have to play it cool and pretend he actually means something to the team to maximize his trade value.

Tom Coughlin was too retarded to realize this the first time around, but I’m sure Jerry has talked some sense into him by now.

So don’t get your hopes up (or down), Giants fans — Plax will not be back.

Original image via Paul