The Dark Knight Rises: How Ryback Could Be the WWE's Bane

Pedro SuarezCorrespondent IIIJune 25, 2012


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Since his return to television on SmackDown in April, Ryback has been on a consistent rampage against local talent—a.k.a. jobbers. 

And after every defeat, Ryback has continually demanded more challengers. But week after week, fans have only seen Ryback squash unimpressive opponents.

Sure, Ryback's strength is believable. His wrestling moves have tremendous impact. But his ring attire mimics that of Rob Van Dam, and his squash matches have caused fans to label him the new Goldberg.

And while WWE may very well be trying to create their own version of Goldberg, each week it seems as though they are mocking him.

But here is an idea that I think would interest the boss himself, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

It is no secret that Vince is a huge fan of Hollywood. For years, he's been trying to get his own foot in the door with WWE Films' productions like "See No Evil" and capitalizing on The Rock's success abroad. Many have even suggested that the WWE itself is Mr. McMahon's own version of Hollywood.

Considering the success of The Dark Knight and the incredible hype surrounding the upcoming and last film in the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, it would only make sense for the WWE to capitalize on this year's summer blockbuster films.

Especially with SummerSlam on the way.

The film incarnation of Bane. Photo:
The film incarnation of Bane. Photo:

Ryback could be very successful if molded to represent the total opposite of Goldberg.

Goldberg was essentially a crowd favorite, a baby face. He was a gladiator who went through his opponents quickly. His character depended on his streak, on the unstoppable nature of his power. Therefore, it is inevitable that fans will eventually get bored. Goldberg is a poor long-term investment.

Let's take another approach.

In the comic books, Bane is a brilliant and extremely powerful adversary of the "dark knight," Batman. He became infamous when he broke Batman's back. In the new movie, Bane will be portrayed as a rebel/terrorist who seeks to destroy Gotham and its hero through pure chaos.

This is the realm in which Ryback can thrive—as a calculating, manipulative heel. Ryback tears down his opponents slowly through psychological games. By the time Ryback faces his opponent in the ring, he has already done significant damage outside of it.

But here is where the character is truly sold.

Unlike many other heels who require cheating to win, Ryback is a menacing and formidable opponent whose lust for psychological damage is unnecessary, because he is completely capable of tearing his opponents apart.

Therefore, although he will be hated, he will also be respected. Fans will want to see him in the ring. Fans will want to see who can defeat such a terrible force.

For this to work, Ryback needs to be successful in his first attempt for the WWE Championship.  He needs to completely destroy the baby face. CM Punk would be the target. Ryback can be the villain who "broke" CM Punk's back.

Do you see where I am going? The point is not to bury Punk but make the WWE Championship something worth fighting for again, a symbol. And in order for that to happen, it needs to be stolen by a super villain.

It needs to be reborn. Out of the ashes, a phoenix.!