NHL Trade Speculation: 7 Top Scorers That Will Be on the Move

Bobby Kittleberger@robertwilliam9Correspondent IJune 25, 2012

NHL Trade Speculation: 7 Top Scorers That Will Be on the Move

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    This year's NHL off-season is already featuring its fair share of frustrated superstar scorers.

    While it's not typical to see a team let go of their most talented offensive players, it can sometimes be a form of hitting the reset button and starting from scratch for both the player and the two teams involved in the exchange.

    Whether you blame management or a player's ego will vary by situation, and the details surrounding a star player's exit from a team can often be highly complex.

    Over the next few months, it's entirely likely that we will see several high powered goal scorers move to new teams, for various reasons. Whether it's Zach Parise opting out of New Jersey, or the frustration of Bobby Ryan finally coming to a head in Anaheim, there's no shortage of possible exits we could see.

    Here are seven notable players most likely to be on the move.

Jarome Iginla

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    While his movement is far less likely then most on this list, Jarome Iginla has the potential to be the Rick Nash of 2012-2013.

    He's spent his entire career with a team that has never really been able to get things together, and a combination of bad management and extreme mediocrity is a recipe for a fresh start.

Alexander Semin

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    Alexander Semin, in a way, is the Bobby Ryan of the Eastern Conference.

    Last year he was the subject of multiple trade rumors, which always seemed to surface when the Capitals trended south in the standings.

    Like Ryan, a lot of those rumors were quieted when Bruce Boudreau made the switch from Washington to Anaheim. However, Semin is a free agent, and the turmoil of last year could be enough to have him testing the deeper waters of free agency.

Olli Jokinen

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    Like Iginla, a negative situation in Calgary could have Jokinen on the move for the right price. Even if he doesn't leave over the summer, a mid-season trade involving him isn't out of the question.

    Calgary's window is small, especially with Miikka Kiprusoff now 35 years old. If they're going to make a move, it'll be sooner then later.

Dustin Penner

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    Dustin Penner's playoff performance has caught the eyes of a lot of general managers from around the league. If he does decide to sign somewhere else, it will be the second time he's jumped ship on a Stanley Cup winning team. He did it back in 2007 when he opted to sign with the Edmonton Oilers after winning a cup with Anaheim.

Zach Parise

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    For Zach Parise, it certainly seems sensible and likely that he'll stay in New Jersey. The team had a great year and fell just short of a Stanley Cup championship. How he views this success will certainly have a lot to do with his decision on whether or not he re-signs there.

    How he views his team's chance to eclipse last year's success is uncertain; however, his value is certainly high, along with his price tag.

    At this point it would have to be considered a bit of a surprise if he doesn't sign long tern in New Jersey, though it still doesn't discount the sheer volume of interest he will garner, and the possibility that the right price could lure him away from the Devils.

Rick Nash

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    The fans may love him, but there's no denying the facts. The Columbus Blue Jackets are awful, and Rick Nash is pretty darn good.

    He's had remarkable patience up to this point. Yet, as the Blue Jackets continue to get worse, his opportunity to play on a winning team with a real shot at a Stanley Cup will continue to get smaller.

    No one can blame Nash if he decides to move on, and with rumors almost constant since the middle of last season, it should happen before the puck drops this fall.

Bobby Ryan

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    Perhaps a harder situation to understand is that of Bobby Ryan's. He doesn't play for a bad team, as the post lockout Anaheim Ducks are more often then not in playoff contention, yet he's the subject of almost constant trade talks and rumors.

    Unfortunately for Ryan, last year was a bit of a bust for the Ducks. With a terrible start, Anaheim management started shopping Ryan for a trade, sparking rumors that have resurfaced in recent weeks.

    When this is all over, it will really just boil down to extremely poor management on the organization's part. At this point, Ryan has expressed that this has all been extremely frustrating, and to be honest, no one would blame him. He's a four time 30 goal scorer and has been very successful in an Anaheim jersey, yet he's repeatedly being offered up as trade bait.

    He's earned the right to play for a team that doesn't threaten to trade him at the drop of a hat, and that's exactly what he wants. If Anaheim isn't that team, he's almost certain to move on.