Killing a "Rated R" Mocking Bird

greg yorkeContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

With "No Way Out" right around the corner it’s hard to believe that out of Smackdowns and Raws Elimination Chamber matches Smackdown is taking the headline.

While Bigshow, Undertaker, Triple H, Jeff Hardy, and Vladimir kozlov come to the ring it does not look good for Edge. But we can't forget what kind of wrestler Edge is.

Edge has spent his entire Heel Career overcoming the odds. Will "No Way Out" be the same outcome?

Edges competitors for this match are all the same. They will all put grudges aside to get the belt. So what does this mean for Edge?

This means Edge wont be the focus of the match to the competitors. These are the matches where they let Edge gain the final advantage and come out of nowhere to take the title. Will that Happen? It's hard to tell with the powerful lineup but Smackdown needs to gain some direction for the Future.

Smackdown has had an issue along the road to Wrestlemania by not setting itself in what its going to headline for them. For Raw its obvious Orton will headline. But what's happening with Smackdown?

Are we set to see another year where Undertaker walks out with the belt? I sure hope not.

This match will be one of the highlights of the night and its finally going to pave Smackdowns path for Wrestlemania.

Who will take the Belt? Who will headline Wrestlemania? With all the odds stacked against Edge its almost hard to believe that the outcome will Kill this "Rated R" Mocking Bird.

Ultimate Opportunist? We'll find out.