No Way Out for Edge!

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

We're a couple of days away from WWE's next pay per view, but will there be no way out for Edge?

Lets take a look at the competition you just got the legendary phenom the Undertaker in there and Triple H the 13 time world champion throw in a angry Jeff hard looking for revenge a giant with a point to prove and a undefeated  Russian and you wonder what does edge have to worry about.

Jeff Hardy is going to be gunning for the champion because this is his rematch for the title he lost at the royal rumble. Triple H just doesn't wait around for no one and he just looks naked without that title around his waist.

The Undertaker has so much history with Edge he doesn't need a reason to beat up our champion. Big show hasn't seen eye to eye with edge for the past couple of weeks and if there ever was a time for Kozlov to prove his dominance its now.

Edge has a way of doing the impossible but it makes you think how does he get out of this one? no really? If we take a step back and see what Vickie could do for him, maybe make him come in last? is that enough to guarantee him walking out as the champion?

If he came out last that could work a number of ways firstly he could get in there with 5 men who by that point would be worn down and could be easy pickings. Secondly you could get a one on one where the other four have been eliminated which i think serves Edge the best chance to win.

What if he gets drawn in first? Then thats when we will see what Edge is truly made of. The thought of beating five of the best wrestlers in the business might even be too daunting for the rated r superstar.

If you ask me we will have a new champion come the end of the night.