WWE Raw Preview: Chris Jericho to Return, Vickie Guerrero Takes Charge and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IJune 25, 2012


It's Monday again, and that means a new episode of WWE Monday Night Raw!

We are just weeks away from WWE's flagship show hitting a huge milestone, but the show hasn't been as good as most would hope.

The company hasn't confirmed anything for the show as of this writing except for the announcement on last week's Raw of a return and the general manager for this week revealing him/herself on SmackDown.

So here are a few things to consider going into this week's show.


Vickie Guerrero's in Charge: What Does She Have in Store for Raw?

From September 2007 to April 2009, Vickie Guerrero took charge of the SmackDown brand. She may have been biased in some of her decisions, but she created some interesting television as the SmackDown general manager.

When she was taken out of power, she went to Raw and became the general manager, but it only lasted two months.

She made a lot of enemies during her time as a general manager, but the WWE board of directors doesn't seem to care about that.

Last week, Mick Foley revealed that the board of directors contacted him to be the general manager of Raw and SmackDown for the week.

The board of directors was bringing in former general managers, commissioners and authority figures to take charge until they could decide on a permanent general manager.

This past Friday on SmackDown, Guerrero revealed to Foley and the WWE Universe that the board of directors appointed her as the next general manager.

What will happen when Vickie Guerrero takes charge of Raw? Does she have anything big planned for the show?


Episode 1000 is Approaching: Will Any Special Guests Appear?

WWE Raw will be reaching a milestone next month as the flagship of the WWE hits 1,000 episodes.

To celebrate the upcoming event, former WWE superstar Vader made his return two weeks ago to squash Heath Slater like an insect.

Last week, singer Cyndi Lauper, former WWE women's champion Wendi Richter and the legendary Rowdy Roddy Piper returned to hype the show, and ultimately smash a gold record over Slater's head.

With the big episode a month away, will anymore former superstars appear to help build the show? Will Heath Slater continue to be their victim in some way?


Hustle, Loyalty and Respect: What's Next for John Cena?

John Cena has been out of the WWE Championship picture since October. He has instead been entangled in feuds with the likes of the Awesome Truth, Kane and the Rock.

Over the past three months, though, he has been targeted by John Laurinaitis. At Extreme Rules, Laurinaitis brought Brock Lesnar back to the WWE to take Cena out of action. His plan failed, though, as Cena was able to defeat Lesnar.

Big Johnny then took matters into his own hands at Over the Limit and went one-on-one with the face of the WWE. With help from the Big Show, the general manager of Raw and SmackDown was able to beat Cena.

Much to the dismay of Johnny Ace, John Cena got right back up.

At No Way Out, Cena went up against the Big Show inside of a steel cage, but this match had an added stipulation. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon got involved this time and declared that if the Big Show lost, Laurinaitis would be fired.

Big Show indeed lost, and Big Johnny was given a final farewell last week on Raw when Cena locked him into the STF.

John Cena is finally done with John Laurinaitis, but where does he go from here? What's next for the face of the WWE?


It Begins Again: Chris Jericho Returns to Raw

Chris Jericho made his return to the WWE in January and literally said nothing. It wouldn't be until after the Royal Rumble that he made his intentions clear.

He called CM Punk a Chris Jericho wannabe and targeted him and the WWE Championship. Jericho failed twice at winning the title at WrestleMania XXVIII and at Extreme Rules, so he set his sights on the big gold belt on SmackDown.

In a fatal four-way match at Over the Limit featuring the champion Sheamus as well as Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio, Jericho once again failed at winning gold.

A few days after the loss, Y2J was suspended for 30 days due to an incident in Brazil. Those 30 days are now up and the Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla will be returning to Raw this week.

What will he have to say? Will Chris Jericho set his sights back on the title?


A Black Widow: Will A.J. Be the Downfall of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Kane?

When Daniel Bryan dumped A.J. and set his sights on CM Punk, A.J. began to move her affections to the WWE champion.

She seemed to like Punk, but things changed once Kane entered into the fold.

Punk and Bryan got on Kane's bad side, and after he was placed into the title match, the Big Red Monster began his rampage. He would take out his other two opponents on multiple occasions, but his rampage stopped when A.J. flashed a smile his way.

Since then, A.J. has gotten into the head of Kane. Her actions have humbled him and cost Bryan matches, but Punk has actually benefited from her strange behavior.

At the same time, Punk still has her in his corner, which puts him in the path of Bryan and the Devil's Favorite Demon.

What is A.J.'s next move? Will she ultimately cost CM Punk the WWE Championship, or is she just using both him and Kane to take down Daniel Bryan?

WWE Raw has been lackluster as of late, but with the big 1000th episode coming up, things could start to heat up.

Will things get better? Tune in to find out!