John Cena: Why 'The Champ' Will Headline the 1000th Episode of Monday Night Raw

David LevinSenior Writer IIJune 26, 2012

How could you expect anything else? Seriously, did you think the WWE would miss a golden opportunity to have its biggest moneymaker headline and be in the main event on the biggest night in company history?

That is like asking the Patriots to win a Super Bowl without Tom Brady.

John Cena is without a doubt the biggest attraction the WWE has, or so it thinks. And I have not seen anything to the contrary, although CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus are currently running the asylum right now.

Make that AJ Lee who is running the asylum, or needs to be in one.

While there is no gold strapped to Cena’s waist, he is still given time at the end of the show to spew whatever gospel comes out of his mouth when that time should be reserved for a title match or having the WWE champion on center stage.

This past Monday was a prime example.

Punk, Bryan and Kane were in the first match of the night. Maybe Cena should have traded places with them. While Cena is still getting top billing, it lessens the importance of the WWE title.

Raw is staging a massive event where the stars are coming out, and the fans want something huge to happen. Cena will be the huge factor, even with returning superstars and special guests. I don't agree with this, but it will happen.

Can you imagine Hulk Hogan being the WWE champion and Vince McMahon walking up to him and telling him that, although he is the top banana in the company and holds the title, he cannot be the headliner for the most important date in wrestling entertainment?

Can you imagine Jim Crockett doing the same thing to Ric Flair? Verne Gagne always headlined the AWA.

There needs to be a serious reconfiguration within the WWE. New plans, new ideas and a new format. 

Title holders should be front and center, waving the banner for the company, but Cena will steal the show.

Change will not happen. It will be the same continuation of things we have come to expect from the current regime. We are going to see Cena come out, rile the crowd, make a comment or two and then have his say. It has been that way for months, and although we may not like it, we are being force-fed the same standard run sheet.

The WWE thinks this is done in the interest of ratings. I think it is done in the interest of stagnation and lack of creativity.