UFC: Could a Tag Team Division Be Formed in the UFC?

Shea Haney@SheaH4Correspondent IIIJune 24, 2012

UFC: Could a Tag Team Division Be Formed in the UFC?

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    The Ultimate Fighting Championship is currently at the height of its popularity in the combat sports scene. 

    In the recent years the UFC has topped boxing as the most popular combat sport in the world.  There are several weight classes of fighters and events are held all over the world on pay-per-view, FX and FOX.

    That begs some questions though. How long will it last and will the UFC have to evolve to stay relevant?

    The world of mixed martial arts has been around for quite some time and has always involved two men squaring off against each other.  What if the UFC takes a page from the world of professional wrestling and add a tag team division? 

    I can imagine some of the MMA purists out there are cursing the idea while others maybe intrigued.  

    In this article, I will lay out how the UFC can add this division and why it would benefit the sport.  

The Appeal

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    Every fan of the UFC loves the idea of two men entering the cage and squaring off to seek a winner. 

    Now think of the excitement when four men are involved in a fight.  The UFC would be able to showcase more talent in any given fight.  It would evolve the sport to include tactics used in tag team fighting. 

    These tactics include knowing when to tag your partner in, recovering during a fight and showing several different styles of fighting as there are more combatants.

    The UFC will eventually get to the state of boxing where it need s spark.  A tag team division would be the unique change that the sport needed to appeal in different ways.

The Octagon

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    The tag team division would utilize a stand Octagon cage with a few small differences. 

    On opposite sides of the cage there would be doors similar to the ones they have in place currently.  The doors would have a square hole in them in order for the tag team partners to get/make a tag.  These doors would close and open very easily in order to ensure a quick entrance by the partner who received the tag.

    The fighters that were no involved in the fight would have to stay on the outside of the cage doors in order to ensure that a four man brawl did not ensue with multiple fighters entering the cage.

The Rules

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    A tag team division would utilize the same standard rules of all UFC bouts including the timing systems and judging system. 

    The fights would be three five minutes round, with the title bouts being five rounds of five minutes.  These time limits could be extended to five minutes for normal fights and seven to eight minutes for title fights. 

    As stated in the previous slide, the fighters who were not in the fight would have to stay on the outside of the cage but could receive a tag through the doors of the cage.  The fighter that made the tag would have to immediately exit the cage as the now legal fighter entered the cage.

    Fighters would not be allowed to double team any fighter before, during, or after a tag has been made.  If a fighter were to do this it would result in a disqualification for the team.

    A fight would end in the same way as a traditional bout.  These include judge’s decision, knockout, submission or technical knockout.  The non-legal fighters could not run in and save their partners if it appears that they are going to be submitted or knocked out.

The Benefit

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    This idea is far fetched and non-traditional in nature. 

    That is exactly made the UFC so great to begin with.  The sport was widely shunned when it debuted and it took time to evolve into a respectable combat promotion. 

    The idea of implementing a tag team division is something that many disagree with, but it would change the sport as we know it. 

    There could be unknown fighters that excel at this style of fighting and make a name for them in the UFC.  We could also see great fighters form teams and extend their legacy in the UFC.

    The idea of creating a tag team division could also extend the life of some fighter’s careers. 

    They could take part in this new style of fighting and not the take the brute punishment they do when they are fighting one on one.  It could also result in better fights.  This is due to a fighter’s ability to rest while his partner is in the fight and come in when he is refreshed when he receives the tag. 

    Think about how cool it would have been to see the team of Chuck Liddel and Rich Franklin vs. Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture.