Arizona vs. South Carolina: Wildcats' Offense Won't Be Stopped in Game 1 Victory

Justin WeltonAnalyst IIJune 24, 2012

Photo credit: USA TODAY
Photo credit: USA TODAY

Arizona's offense is out-of-this-world good. They have been solid all around. South Carolina won't be able to keep them off the board in Game 1 Sunday night at the 2012 College World Series.

The Wildcats will win Game 1, 7-3. 

Arizona has five guys with batting above .350, seven above .324. This offense has been dynamic all season long and they have been on a tear as of late, scoring 18 runs in the past three games and 32 in the past five. 

The Wildcats haven't lost since May 26 and only twice since May 11. The offense has been the biggest reason for its success.

Arizona has averaged 9.6 runs per game since its last loss on May 26. 

If any team is capable of dethroning the two-time defending champions South Carolina, it's Arizona. 

South Carolina head coach Ray Tanner had this to say about Arizona, according to Jack Carey of USA Today:

"There are no easy outs in that lineup," Gamecocks coach Ray Tanner said. "I started going through the (lineup), and didn't get much sleep after that. "Most of the time, I'll get a pitcher or two that kind of gets to me and says, 'I really want the ball.' But since they've watched these guys hit, I'm not getting those guys. They're avoiding me. All the pitchers are going in a different direction."

These comments from Tanner are interesting, if they're true. Either way, South Carolina might not be afraid of the hitters but they should be mighty worried. 

Johnny Field, Alex Mejia, Seth Mejias-Brean, Robert Refsnyder and Bobby Brown are all hitting at least .353. Each have 44 RBI or more. They each provide quality at-bats from important positions in the lineup. 

If Arizona can receive pitching that can keep them in ballgames, Arizona's offense will carry them to the promised land.

They are too explosive, too powerful and they have too many weapons. South Carolina will be able to neutralize a few of Arizona's options, but they won't completely stop the Wildcats.

We'll see it come to fruition in Game 1.