10 NBA Players Who Would Welcome a Trade Before Next Season

Paul Grossinger@@pgrossingerAnalyst IIJune 25, 2012

10 NBA Players Who Would Welcome a Trade Before Next Season

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    Not every NBA player is happy with his current team, and many NBA stars would welcome a trade to another team next season.  For some, it is a chance to shine in a new environment; for others it is a chance to return to prominence with a new team.

    Many NBA players looking for new teams, including Carlos Boozer and Amar'e Stoudemire, are on good teams where they are no-longer ideal fits.  For others, including Andrea Bargnani, it is time to move on from a poorly-run franchise to a more positive environment.

    So, here is a list of 10 NBA Players who would welcome a trade next season.  

Amar'e Stoudemire

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    Stoudemire came to the New York Knicks in 2010 expecting to become "the man" and lead the Knicks back to glory.  But now New York has Carmelo Anthony as its franchise star and the two are incompatible on the court.  Stoudemire needs to go to a team that needs a true offensive behemoth in the post and can contend for the championship, which makes the Bulls an ideal fit.  

Andrea Bargnani

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    Bargnani was drafted No. 1 overall in 2006 to be the Toronto Raptors' franchise center.  He developed into a solid scorer but never learned to play defense.  Now the Raptors have Ed Davis and Jonas Valanciunas as their frontcourt players of the future, and Bargnani likely wants to find a new place to play.  The Phoenix Suns might make a good fit.  

DeMar DeRozan

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    DeRozan was once Toronto's wing scorer of the future.  However, he has not developed as expected, and despite his impressive athleticism, suffers from a broken jump shot and poor decision making. Nonetheless, a well-coached team might be able to rescue his considerable talent and make him a special player.  

Carlos Boozer

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    Boozer signed with the Chicago Bulls in 2010 and has been a very important part of two teams that won the Eastern Conference.  However, Boozer is not a cultural fit with Chicago fans because he routinely refuses to commit himself on defense.  He also shies away from the moment and often misses critical mid-range shots.  Presumably, he would like to move to a new team where he can regain the support of the local fan base.  

Ben Gordon

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    Gordon, the former Chicago Bulls star who has languished in Detroit since 2009, would be a prime candidate for a team change.  Gordon no longer fits in Detroit, which wants to build around Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe.  But he is still a relatively young, dynamic shooter who has a place as a sixth man on a good team or a starter on a bad team.  The Chicago Bulls could actually be a very interesting fit if Detroit trades Gordon, along with the ninth overall pick in the draft, for Taj Gibson and Ronnie Brewer. 

Josh Smith

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    Smith has wanted to leave the Atlanta Hawks for years.  He and Al Horford are both natural power forwards. Smith proved his value when he became the team leader with Horford out and kept the Hawks in the playoffs. If he goes on the market, many teams will try to acquire the mercurial talent.  

Dwight Howard

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    Howard, the Orlando Magic's franchise player, desperately wants to leave and go to a new team.  He is rumored to want to go to Brooklyn or Dallas but neither franchise has the assets to acquire him (depending on if the Nets retain Williams) so he may end up with Chicago or the Los Angeles Lakers. But, would they really be such bad places to end up?

Courtney Lee

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    The Houston Rockets are a well-run organization but they need to start trading their surplus of B+ talent for a few real stars.  Lee is a starting-caliber shooting guard who plays defense and knocks down three pointers.  Chicago is a great fit, along with the Clippers and the Mavericks.  

Derrick Williams

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    The Minnesota forward is still part of the future plan...but why?  Williams is more small forward than power forward—a position occupied by Kevin Love.  The Wolves should trade him for either a high draft pick or a franchise 2-guard to play alongside Ricky Rubio for years to come.  

Paul Millsap

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    Millsap finally proved himself an All-Star last season.  But Enes Kanter, Derrick Favors, and Al Jefferson will all cut into his minutes.  Millsap will want to move to a franchise where he can be the big-time player at power forward.  The Chicago Bulls would be a good fit in a trade involving Taj Gibson, who would be a better fit as a sixth man in Utah.