WWE: Why the Miz Is Destined to Get Back to the Top

Drake OzSenior Writer IIJune 26, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

The Miz himself has said it about 1,000 times on TV: He went from beating John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania 27 to being an afterthought shortly thereafter. 

It wasn’t long after The Miz successfully defended the WWE title at WrestleMania 27 and wrestled against The Rock in the tag team main event at Survivor Series in 2011 that he took a dramatic plunge down the card. 

After competing in a Triple Threat Match at WWE TLC in December 2011, The Miz began teetering on the borderline of irrelevancy. 

All of the momentum he had built up as the WWE Champion in late 2010 and early 2011 as well as with R-Truth heading into the fall of 2011 was gone. 

The Miz went back to the midcard, and even though he delivered a very memorable performance in the Royal Rumble match this January, he plunged even further down the card after that. 

The “most must-see WWE Champion in history” became a glorified jobber and only narrowly got a spot on the WrestleMania 28 card. 

He would, of course, go on to get the pin in Battle of the GMs for Team Johnny at Mania, and it seemed like a push would come along with it. But by Over the Limit, he had become Brodus Clay’s personal jobber.

The Miz had hit rock bottom, and he was written off of TV shortly after the pay-per-view, leaving many to question if he would ever rebound from what has been a disastrous start to 2012. 

But it’s The Miz being written off of TV that I ultimately think will be what turns his career around and gets him back on track to return to the pinnacle of the WWE. 

Prior to that “see ya later” RKO he received from Randy Orton a while back, The Miz had one of the—if not the—stalest characters on WWE TV. 

The same character that helped him win the Money in the Bank match and the WWE Championship in 2010 was the same character that doomed him early this year. 

The Miz did nothing different after his run as WWE Champion was over. He cut the same promo, he looked the same way and he wrestled the same way. 

Now, he’s been given a gift, the gift of time to get away for a while, freshen his character up and return better than ever. 

That’s exactly what I think will happen, too. 

The Miz hasn’t been written off of TV as punishment. Rather, he’s been written off to do what dozens of other WWE stars would, believe it or not, die to do: Star in a WWE Studios film. 

The Miz—who’s already one of the more mainstream stars that the WWE has—is getting a chance to become even more mainstream with his first starring role in a feature film. 

You know what happens when you’re a WWE star who gets a starring role in a WWE-produced film? 

You get a push to help promote the movie, that’s what happens. 

Although injuries really prevented this from happening to its possible full effect, the WWE tried to push Mr. Kennedy as a fan favorite when he returned from filming Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia in 2008. 

Similarly, Ted DiBiase was written off of TV in late 2008 in order to film The Marine 2, in which he had a starring role. 

DiBiase did not turn face upon his return, but he did play a big role on WWE TV as part of Legacy, and not long after he came back, he main-evented SummerSlam alongside Cody Rhodes in a tag team match against D-Generation X. 

Kennedy and DiBiase are just a couple examples of what starring in a WWE film can do for someone’s career, and I think The Miz could follow a path similar to Kennedy. 

He goes away for a while (likely a month or so, but maybe more), and during that time, the WWE decides what it wants to do with him when he comes back. 

Either The Miz immediately returns with a massive baby face push, or he comes back as a heel, waits a while and then turns face when the movie is being released to promote the hell out of it. 

Heck, maybe he even stays heel, but still gets pushed to the top of the WWE so that he can be viewed as a wrestling star and a movie star who people want to pay to see wrestle and act. 

Regardless of exactly how this plays out, though, the cards are in The Miz’s favor for his time away to be the best thing that’s happened to him recently. 

He needed time off anyway for a character refresh, and he got it. 

And because he’s filming a WWE movie that is going to be promoted nonstop on WWE TV in the coming months, he just may come back with a better character and a spot at the top of the company. 

Take advantage of this time away while you can, Miz. Opportunities like this don’t come around very often.


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