Biggest Fan Misconceptions of the NFL

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It's hard to think that followers of America's most-watched, most-publicized sport could have any blind spots into football's inner workings. Fans collectively can be very intelligent regarding NFL matters (and granted, sometimes, less so), but what do we as fans tend to overlook as we ready ourselves for another season of games?

Perhaps foremost, we forget (or ignore) the fact that each of the NFL's 32 teams is a business, and that wins and losses can sometimes take a back seat to revenues and cost efficiencies.

Passionate football consumers drive the football industry, and while "great fans" show little remorse in buying the latest apparel or plunking down PSL money, the downside is that the casual football watcher stands the risk of being priced out. That's nothing new. But the owners' approach to costs manifests itself in different ways, and I think Matt and I do a good job of discussing those in this video. 

Senior NFL Draft Lead Writer Matt Miller and I break down some alleged fan misconceptions in our latest video debate. Enjoy our discussion in the video above and leave your own thoughts regarding fan misconceptions in the comments.

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