Why Darren Mcfadden Was The Wrong Pick

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Why Darren Mcfadden Was The Wrong Pick

With the fourth overall pick in the '08 draft the Oakland Raiders select another mistake. Darren McFadden is an amazing athlete in college with potential to be amazing in the NFL

Before anything else I need to clarify that this is no knock on McFadden himself. This is a fan calling out the Raiders franchise as a whole. Why in the world would you draft a running back with the first pick when you already have a duo that a year earlier ranked sixth in rushing yards.  

The tandem was what most teams would kill for. It had the consistent veteran in Justin Fargas and the project running back who can contribute in Michael Bush. So instead of waiting a year to see how this project, which was going quite well, would develop. 

So instead of getting a lineman which would help JaMarcus Russell and the running game develop. The team decides to mess up something that was going well with the introduction of a "game-breaker". 

Why not just stick with what has been proven to work, (This might get me in trouble with a lot of fans and I must clarify I did not give this concept this name) and build like the Patriots. You must get offensive lineman to build an offense and you must get defensive lineman to build a defense. Although there are some exceptions to these rules it has proven to be the best way to build. 

What the Raiders are doing is trying to win now instead of realizing that they need to rebuild.

Trade down, make quality moves, and don't break the bank on free agents. That is how you build a team this is not the NBA you cannot make one trade or pick to change the whole franchise. 

I openly challenge anyone to show me one player just one player that the acquisition of them changed the team single handedly enough to win a championship. 

That alone is enough to show that McFadden was the wrong choice for the Raiders. 

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