Hey Bud: Suspending A-Rod Is Not The Answer

Lou SiracusaContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

As much as Bud Selig is considering suspending Alex Rodriguez for his admission to using performance enhancing drugs, it cannot happen.  You cannot suspend him and allow the other 103 players to walk without any repercussions.

A-Rod shocked the baseball world this week with his admission to using PED's between 2001 and 2003.  Some may say that it was big of him to come clean.  Others may say that he cheated the game and should be suspended.  The bottom line is that he should not be suspended for something that was not considered "illegal" at the time.

Bud Selig seems to feel that he has to do something and suspending Rodriguez may be the answer.  Selig seems to be running out of ideas on how to handle the steroid situation in baseball, and that has become evident over the past few days. 

Maybe he is trying to put his stamp on the "Steroid Era", or maybe he is trying to justify his $18 million a year salary.  Either way he can not justify suspending A-Rod without suspending the other 103 players, let alone naming them.

Baseball has survived plenty over the history of the game.  The most recent was the players strike of 1994.  The fans came back as they always will. 

Baseball is a great game and always has been.  Its hard to stay away from when you are such a passionate fan.  MLB is not out of the woods by any means with the whole steroid thing, but they will survive it.  And it starts with pitchers and catchers reporting on Saturday.