2009 Cincinnati Reds

Richie DevotieContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

Cincinnati, Ohio


     With Pitcher and catchers due to report on sunday the reds are still looking for pitching. The Rotation this will be one. Edison Volquez, Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo, Homer Bailey, and Johnny Cueto. In the Bullpen we see two new faces in Micah Owings and Arthur Rhodes. Francisco Cordero still the closer. The Reds will still use David weathers as a set up man for  Cordero. The rest of the bullpen are Jared Burton, Mike Lincoln, and Bill Bray. As for the fielding spots, they are two new comers to the Reds in Willy Tavares, cf, and C Ramon  Herandez. At first base you still Joey Votto who can hit for  power, at second base you got gold glover Brandon Phillips, at Short Stop your going to have either Alex Gonzalez or Jeff Keppinger, and at third baseball you got error pron ed Edwin Encarnicon. The outfield spots go to Chris dickerson in Left, in center field you got speedy Willy Tavares, and in Right field you got the Hard hitting and fielding Jay Bruce.


Line Up:

Taveres CF

Phillips 2B

Dickerson LF

Encarncion 3B

Bruce RF

Votto 1B

Hernandez C

Gonzalez SS