UFC 147: How Would a Junior Dos Santos vs. Fabricio Werdum Rematch End?

G DAnalyst IIIJune 24, 2012


Since being dropped in just one minute and 21 seconds to current UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos at UFC 90, Fabricio Werdum has been on a fast-track for a rematch.

It all happened so fast that Werdum couldn't even blink. He was dropped by a raging punch that ultimately ended his night by a then, fairly unknown dos Santos. Nonetheless, Werdum continued to put the hours in the gym, and he saw his hand raised in five of his next six fights, with his only loss coming to the suspended Alistair Overeem.

Since his loss to dos Santos, Werdum has shown us a different side. We've seen a man who is determined and willing to do anything to succeed.

We saw him pick apart Roy "Big Country" Nelson at UFC 143 in a blood bath and we saw him make quick work of Mike Russow last evening.

The only question that remains: How would a rematch between Werdum and dos Santos end?

Well, we're not entirely sure, but we do know this—it would be longer than one minute and 21 seconds.

If Werdum were granted an opportunity to fight for the UFC's most exciting title, he'd enter with caution and maturity. Unlike many fighters in the heavyweight division, Werdum would approach his opponent with a well-established game plan. Instead of swinging for the fences from the get-go, he'd more than likely test dos Santos' unseen wrestling game.

It's obvious Werdum will hold the edge in the submission game as he's submitted eight opponents in 16 of his wins. While dos Santos certainly holds the advantage in the stand-up, he's never seen a more vicious clinch than that of Werdum's.

The longer this bout plays out, the more comfortable Werdum will become.

However, with that being said, dos Santos is still the heavyweight champion for a reason.


Advantage: dos Santos


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