Victor Ortiz vs. Josesito Lopez Recap: Vicious Proves It's Time to Call It Quits

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Victor Ortiz vs. Josesito Lopez Recap: Vicious Proves It's Time to Call It Quits
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Victor Ortiz would be better off hanging up his gloves. Ortiz conjured up images of his loss to Marcos Rene Maidana by quitting again. He lost to Josesito Lopez last night at Staples Center, and with it went his shot at a big payday vs. Canelo Alvarez.

Ortiz suffered a broken jaw after a wicked left hook from Lopez, and that prompted the virtual tapout.

He does not have the intestinal fortitude to persevere through the tough situations necessary to succeed in the higher levels of the sport. He should consider himself lucky. With his mental approach, Canelo would destroy him. 

What should Victor Ortiz do next?

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I'm not being cruel. I know a broken jaw is no minor injury. But this is boxing. The sport requires coping with pain and other physical hardships. Timothy Bradley finished his fight with Manny Pacquiao with a fractured foot.

In addition, this is a consistent issue with Ortiz. When he's in tough fights, he fouls or quits. In this fight, he did both. Earlier in the fight, when Lopez was more than competitive, Ortiz blatantly punched him in the back of the head.

It should have prompted a point deduction, but the referee was very lenient with him.

Lopez brought it to Ortiz from the beginning, and he exposed Ortiz's poor defense. He showed the chin needed to withstand Ortiz's power, and that toughness earned him the well-deserved victory.

Here is a recap with visual aids:

Round 1

I had never heard Lopez speak before tonight, and I usually don't put much stock in pre-fight speeches. But I heard a confidence and practicality in his voice. I knew he had the right mental approach and makeup to pull the upset.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

He showed early that he was not intimidated. That was his first victory. The following was my post-round tweet:

Round 2

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

These two were banging. It looked like Ortiz was going to take over in this round. This was the beginning of breaking his spirit.

Round 3

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

With a solid flurry, Lopez really started believing in himself here.

Round 4

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Ortiz came back strong here. It seemed like he would use his jab to control the fight, but it was short-lived.

Round 5

Ortiz has a Victor brain-lock moment. He is in a tough fight, he got frustrated and intentionally punched Lopez in the back of the head.

Ortiz should have had a point deducted. He was lucky.

Round 6

Ortiz took the round, and I'm a proponent of fighting fire with fire.

Round 7

Lopez comes back strong, and Ortiz is officially out of it mentally. I predict his future would not have been bright against Alvarez

Round 8

What a great round and a great fight. I was forced to call this round a draw.

Round 9

I actually gave that round to Ortiz, and this was his last. He quit on the stool in the corner after this.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Click here for the gloves-off recap.

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