Atlanta Braves Looking For Options in Left Field

Kevin MarkumCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

Frank Wren is currently on the hot seat, as the Braves watched both Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu sign contracts. Yesterday, I discussed how rumors were swirling about a certain Nick Swisher, who is not a wise option for the Braves.

According to Fox Sport's Ken Rosenthal, the Braves could be looking at other remaining free agents that were not being considered before.

Names like Ken Griffey Jr., Jim Edmonds, Garret Anderson, and Luis Gonzalez have all been given consideration (or at least that is the media's spin on it).

Considering any one of these four players would be wise, as they would give the Braves more return for their investment.  Each player is a proven veteran, and all have been All-Stars at one point.

Obviously, none of those names will be featured July in the 2009 Midsummer Classic, but they can still put the bat on the ball.

Griffey would be a solid pick up. Even if he is injured, the Braves have enough depth in the outfield to take a risk on him. One big aspect of considering Griffey is the fan base the Braves could attract if they signed him.

Griffey, with a relatively healthy season, could produce over 20 HRs and 70 to 80 RBIs.

Garret Anderson could also be a good pick up.  He has a solid track record as a hitter, but his health is suspect.

He won't give you much power, maybe 20 HRs at the most, but he will drive in over 80 RBIs if he plays 130 games or more. He could be signed for a deal similar to Bobby Abreu as well.

Gonzalez and Edmonds could be solid pickups, but I don't see them worth keeping a hot prospect like Jordan Schaefer or Josh Anderson on the bench.

Look for the Braves to focus on Anderson and Griffey over the next few days.