Silva vs. Franklin: 6 Ways the Fight Could End

Montique David@@montiquedCorrespondent IIIJune 23, 2012

Silva vs. Franklin: 6 Ways the Fight Could End

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    The first fight between Wanderlei Silva and Rich Franklin was mostly a stand-up battle and was hotly contested the whole way. With back-and-forth exchanges and very few lulls in action, the fight didn’t disappoint. Both guys had their moments in the fight, but in the end Franklin won by unanimous decision.

    But how will this fight turn out? Will it be another decision or a finish? I run down the top six ways this fight can end.

6. Franklin by Submission

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    They say anything can happen. This would qualify.

    In 82 combined fights, these two men have zero losses by submission. So there's a good chance that we won't see somebody tap out. They never have and probably never will.

    But you’re never supposed to say never, right?

5. Silva by Submission

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    This is very unlikely to happen. However, Silva is a BJJ black belt, and when you have that, you can never count him out on the ground.

    Silva was able to get Franklin down for a few seconds in the last fight but was unable to hold him there, staying entirely in Franklin’s guard while ultimately allowing Franklin to push him away.

    But being in Brazil with the rich history of submission fighting may prompt Silva to apply himself more on the ground. After all, he owns three submission victories in his 47 career fights, and two have come while in Brazil.

4. Silva by Decision

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    This is another unlikely finish, and for good reason. Silva is not a point fighter. If he's scoring points, most likely his opponent is barely standing.

    I really don’t think he knows the word "pace" because he only has one speed, and it’s coming forward, attacking and putting pressure on his opponent. Out of 47 matches, including 11 losses, Silva has only been to a decision 12 times. I don’t see this being No. 13—especially if he plans on winning.

3. Franklin by Knockout

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    This fight could end up looking a lot like Franklin’s brawl with Chuck Liddell. Chuck came in after looking good the first few minutes, then all of a sudden they had to get smelling salts.

    Silva’s chin has fallen into late-career Chuck Liddell status. Very shaky and unreliable. Once able to take a cement block to the face and keep coming, Silva just isn’t the fighter he used to be.

    So it's a good thing that Silva lives in Brazil, because Franklin might just put him to sleep.

2. Franklin by Decision

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    In the first fight, Franklin did an outstanding job with pacing. He stalled Silva’s offense and put him on the defensive by stalking and working his jabs and body kicks. He’ll need more of the same.

    In order to win this fight, he has to make it look as much like the first fight as he can. He should be circling out, landing three and four hit combinations, just mixing everything up and keeping Silva off balance. If he can do that for five rounds, he’ll find himself on the winning side of a decision once again.

1. Silva by Knockout

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    After watching the first fight, there’s no doubt that Franklin wants to stay away from Silva’s power. Silva connected with two good right hands in the first fight while circling and almost got finished both times. I don’t see Silva letting him off of the hook so easily this time around.

    With the crowd behind him and the adrenaline rushing through him, the most likely outcome of this fight is Franklin out cold in front of Silva.