Longhorn Legends: Roosevelt Leaks

Ronnie ThroneberryCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

It is now Feb. 12, and it seems that the '09 football season will never get here. Since there is not a lot of football news to discuss, I thought I would run a short series on some of the Longhorn greats from the past.
I have followed Longhorn football since 1962, and I have seen some great ones. These entries may not appeal to anyone but Texas fans, but I hope you'll find them worth your time.

I was sitting among SMU fans at the Cotton Bowl in the fall of 1973. Most of the fans had left at this point because Texas was just too much for the SMU team.
Rosie had enough yards to be close to the conference game record of 297. Unlike many times in the past, when coach Darrell would not have done so, he relented and let Rosie in for another play.
He broke through the line of scrimmage for 53 yards, ending up in the end zone with a new record of 342 yards. I stood up and boldly proclaimed, "Give him the Heisman."
Although the SMU fans looked at me sorta funny, most couldn't disagree. In fact, he received a standing ovation from the crowd when his record was announced over the PA.

Rosie finished with 1,415 yards that season (as a wishbone fullback) and ended up third in the Heisman voting.
He was almost a natural to win it all during his senior season, but injuries held him down while another guy took his place in 1974. I believe that guy was from Tyler, Texas, later to become known as the Tyler Rose (Earl Campbell).

Rosie did more than break records. He also proved that black athletes could come to Texas and become great stars while receiving praise and love from all the fans. His accomplishments were major in encouraging other blacks to become Longhorns.

Here's to you, Rosie. You did good.