The 10 Greatest College Football Upsets of the 2000s

Joe PenkalaCorrespondent IJune 22, 2012

The 10 Greatest College Football Upsets of the 2000s

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    From 2000-2009, college football was treated to some amazing games. From outstanding out of conference games, to thrilling conference championships and epic national championships, college fans have not been shortchanged at all.

    While some games were expected to be outstanding, other games were not suppose to be so exciting and yet that is exactly what happened. 

    It is time to take a walk back through history and look at the 10 greatest college football upsets of the 2000s.

No. 10: Oregon State vs USC 2008

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    Just a year after blowing a game at home to Stanford, USC headed on the road to play Oregon State and appeared to have the ability to beat the Beavers badly. 

    Straight out of the gate, the Beavers jumped all over the Trojans and with a touchdown pass right before the half, they took a commanding 21-0 lead into the break.

    In the second half the Trojans climbed back into the game but after a failed onside kick, the Trojans fate was sealed and they had once again feel to a team that should have beaten handily. 

No. 9: Louisville vs Florida State 2002

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    In 2002, Louisville was not a part of the Big East yet. Instead, the Cardinals were a part of Conference USA and were taking on Florida State.

    At the time, the Seminoles were ranked No. 4 in the nation, but had to get through not only the Cardinals and their fans, but mother nature as well.

    During the game, the skies opened and a full blown rainstorm made this game even more difficult. 

    Despite holding a halftime lead, the Seminoles couldn't hold on and saw the game go to overtime.

    Right after the overtime period started, the Cardinals defense came up huge with a first play interception which was followed right up by a 25 yard touchdown that secured the Cardinals upset win. 

No. 8: Big 12 Title Game Oklahoma vs Kansas State 2003

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    Oklahoma entered the Big 12 title game undefeated and had the look of a team that could not be beat. Throughout the entire season, the Sooners had only trailed for a total of six minutes, but things couldn't have gone much worse for the Sooners in this game. 

    Kansas State came out firing and behind solid running by Darren Sproles, who totaled up 235 yards, the Wildcats earned themselves a huge victory 35-7.

No. 7: Florida vs Ole Miss 2008

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    In 2008, Tim Tebow was at the helm for the Florida Gators and it was almost a certainty that they would enter the national title game with a perfect record. 

    During conference play, Ole Miss came to Gainesville for a game that most believed wouldn't even be close by the half.

    Instead, fans had to endure a nail-bitter the whole way through. 

    Trailing 31-30 late in the game, the Gators were moving into field goal range and came across a fourth down play. Only needing a short distance, the Gators went with Tebow and were stuffed and lost the game. 

    Tebow would make a promise that would be immortalized by Gator fans and they went on to not lose another game and win the national championship.

No. 6: Navy vs Notre Dame 2007

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    This game kicked off what was a crazy 2007 season. Notre Dame vs Navy was a game that the Irish and their fans could automatically put a win next too. The Midshipmen had failed to beat the Irish since their meeting in 1962.

    But this is why they play the game.

    During this season, the Irish struggled all year long and this game made it even worse. The teams went back and forth putting up a lot of yards and points until finally the game entered a third overtime.

    In the final overtime, Navy managed to score a touchdown and convert the two point conversion but Notre Dame failed on two point conversion and lost the game 46-44.

No. 5: Sugar Bowl Alabama vs Utah 2009

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    With a perfect record going into the SEC title game, Alabama appeared to be one step away from the national title. Unfortunately for the Tide, they failed to defeat Florida.

    The constellation prize for the Tide was a trip to the Sugar Bowl to take on Utah. 

    Utah also believed they had a right to play in the national title game and came out with an amazing performance. The passing game of Utah was on point all game long and the Utes blew out the Tide with a 31-17 win.

No. 4: Pitt vs West Virginia 2007

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    In 2007, West Virginia had a spot in the national title game almost completely wrapped up. All they had in their way was a game against Pitt, a team that was under .500 and not heading to a bowl game.

    As a heavy favorite, the Mountaineers came into the game with a potent offense but the offense struggled all game long.

    As the final seconds ticked off the clock, the Panthers stunned the nation and beat West Virginia 13-9.

No. 3: USC vs Stanford 2007

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    Another game to come out of the 2007 season was the matchup between USC and Stanford.

    USC was playing host to Stanford and it was believed that the Trojans would roll and take this game with ease.

    Throughout the game, Stanford continually kept this game tight and finally with under a minute remaining, the Cardinal connected on a fourth down play to earn them a huge 24-23 win.

No. 2: Fiesta Bowl Oklahoma vs Boise State 2007

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    Before Boise State became what they are today, they burst onto the national scene when they took on Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. 

    During the game, the Broncos jumped out to a big lead and took that lead into the fourth quarter, but quickly the Sooners turned the tables and scored 25 unanswered points to take a seven point lead.

    With time running out, the Broncos dug into their bag of tricks and pulled of a touchdown play on a hook-and-ladder connection. They would close the deal in overtime on a halfback pass and a statue of liberty two point conversion.  

No. 1: Michigan vs Appalachian State 2007

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    The 2007 season was suppose to be a special one for the Michigan Wolverines. The Wolverines had seniors like Jake Long, Chad Henne and Mike Hart returning and they were looking to avenge last years loss to Ohio State.

    When looking at the schedule, Michigan knew they had Oregon in Week 2 but completely overlooked their Week 1 opponent, Appalachian State.

    Despite trailing late, Michigan got themselves into field goal range with a chance to avoid being embarrassed but instead the kick was blocked and Appalachian State became a household name.