Christian Cage Should Have Stayed in TNA

C VContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

Many people have been excited about the return of Christian Cage to WWE. There were many so-called “Dream Scenarios” that he could be involved in when he came back. Wrestling was interesting again. People anticipated the magic moment, the magic entrance, and the magic promo.


Christian is in ECW—not RAW, not Smackdown, EEE-SEE-DOUBLE YOU!!!!

Cheese and crackers! Why was he even anticipated?

I read a previous article that said Cage is the Neidhart to Bret, the Matt to Jeff, and the Christian to Edge.

Oh wait, he is Christian.

If Christian was going to be used to promote and better establish a show, it should have been TNA. Over there, he had the most believable chance of standing up to the stacked MEM. All he'd need would be AJ, Joe, and Rhino to make a stand against the fake nWo.

Nash can barely walk, Angle has a broken “freakin” neck, Sting looks bored, Scott has something stuck in his throat, and Booker T can't remember what country he's from.

Christian had all the promo material that he needed to describe the group and the health to make them all look old.

Yes, he's getting a bigger payday. Yes, he’s getting back to his character's roots. And yes, he’s got a chance to make it to the granddaddy of them all, Wrestlemania.

This decision to go back to WWE is probably the best thing for Christian’s career, both personally and financially. WWE is almost always better to watch than TNA.

But what the hell am I supposed to do on Thursday nights?

Your thoughts, please.