Mike Dunlap Eager to Begin Reign as Bobcats Head Coach

Joshua BergeronContributor IIIJune 22, 2012

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 18:  Acting head coach Mike Dunlap of the St. John's Red Storm caoches against the UCLA Bruins at Madison Square Garden on February 18, 2012 in New York City.  (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)
Chris Chambers/Getty Images

The Charlotte Bobcats received their first glimpse of the Mike Dunlap era Thursday.

As Dunlap took the court to conduct a pre-draft workout with former North Carolina star Harrison Barnes, among others, the world learned what Dunlap will place an emphasis on—fitness.

Barnes went as far as calling the workout a track meet.

After the draft candidates left, Dunlap introduced himself and immediately began the long months of coaching that lie ahead with several Bobcats players.

The players that remained are not the most visible. Then again, no one on the Bobcats is extremely recognizable.

I was particularly interested to see that Bismack Biyombo and Byron Mullens were at the practice. Mullens and Biyombo are seen as talented players that will require some training.

I believe that Dunlap is the right man for the job. Once practice started he immediately began setting screens, adjusting driving angles and reminding players to focus on the rim when shooting.

Although many have been critical of the Dunlap hire, I like what I saw Thursday. He seems eager to get started but understanding that the rebuilding process will be long and arduous. 

“I don’t think anybody up top is expecting some kind of a magical turnaround. I think they’re very realistic, and this is a starting point where they can use trades, they can use the draft, they can use free agency to improve their team over time. But I think everybody’s on the same page in saying that this is gonna take some time.”

But, how big of an impact will Michael Jordan have in Dunlap's reign? 

If Dunlap is going to be successful, Jordan should stay far away from the Bobcats facility, except to write checks. He has continually proven his inept managing ability.

On the other hand, Dunlap is exactly what the Bobcats need.