What LeBron James Winning a Title Means for the Future of the NBA

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What LeBron James Winning a Title Means for the Future of the NBA
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No offense to Miami Heat superstar LeBron James, but what are NBA fans supposed to do now that he has his ring?

After nine years, James got his well-deserved championship, but looking down the road, what does his title mean for the NBA in the next few years?

For one, there will be a lot less to talk about.

LeBron's pursuit of that ring was one of the main storylines in the league the past couple of seasons. People watched and people talked about it. It made the league interesting for the casual basketball fan.

Your die-hard NBA fan will enter the season like it's any other season, but the casual NBA fan may not have as much interest for a while.

What is there for fans to look forward to beginning next season?

Dwight Howard or Carmelo Anthony getting his first championship just isn't as interesting or compelling as watching the roller coaster ride that has been LeBron's career. Like him or not, watching him succeed or fail created a lot of interest for the NBA.

Not too many people will follow Howard or Anthony's pursuit in the same fashion.

What will be the most compelling storyline of the 2013 season?

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Of course the league could push Kobe Bryant and his pursuit for a sixth ring down everyone's throats, but we've seen Kobe win before and while Kobe is one of those guys whom fans tune into watch, not even Kobe tying Michael Jordan would be as interesting as watching LeBron's crusade to a championship.

That brings me to the Oklahoma City Thunder, who will likely become the story of 2013 as Kevin Durant will try and learn from his finals experience this season. Watching Durant and company try and make it back to the finals, only to win it this time.

That should create a lot of interest, especially for the fans who tuned in just to watch LeBron fail.

Either way, the 2013 season will begin without one of the major storylines we've been accustomed to following the past few years.

David Stern will need something to take its place.

Who knows what that will be because whatever the major story of the 2013 season will be, it won't be nearly as interesting as the LBJ saga of the past few years.

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