Jimmy Kimmel Video: Watch LeBron James Featured in Hilarious Censored Clip

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What a difference a censored bleep makes. 

It was time for Jimmy Kimmel Live to feature their weekly installment of "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship."

What follows is another hilarious piece of evidence that the beep and blur of censorship that is in place to shield us all from the naughty can also be used for evil. 

Sports fans will get a kick out of two glorious moments.

At the 24-second mark, a Miami reporter illustrates white towel Heat fans get as they take their seats for a finals game. 

Of course, it comes out as, "these (censored) little towels."

It adds a great deal of gravitas to mere towels that become amazing and necessary items of fandom with but one bleep. 

We then come to the tenuous actions of a trainer upon LeBron James as he tries to get past a badly cramping leg. 

There is nothing off-putting going on, until you blur a certain area. That's the moment an innocent tending to of a superstar turns quite, um, yeah. 

The rest of the video is pure gold for the immature humor aficionado in all of us. I guess this would be NSFW, but you would have to bleep your own sick mind and the added censorship for that issue. 

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