Jacksonville Jaguars Release Jerry Porter and Drayton Florence

Auguste ArcherCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

During the 2008 offseason, the Jaguars made some splashy moves in free agency, acquiring cornerback Drayton Florence from San Diego and wide receiver Jerry Porter from Oakland.

The California boys did not live up to expectations.

Porter in particular had a dismal year, with only one touchdown reception. He will walk away from his contract with $10 million that he was guaranteed.

That's $10 million a touchdown.

Florence had little impact, struggling in coverage all season and finally being relegated to nickel and dime packages towards the end of the year. He too will walk away with a fairly healthy amount of guaranteed cash.

Both players were fully expected to have a major impact in their first (and now only) season with the Jaguars, but neither player lived up to expectations and now the Jags are starting from scratch.

Per usual the Jags draft needs are going to be blatantly obvious; receiver, receiver, receiver. Also look for them to now have to target a rookie corner, or go after a veteran in free agency, to replace Florence so Brian Williams can remain at safety, where he played very well this season.

Not many fans were surprised to see these two players go, as discontent with Porter specifically had reached a level of epic proportions midway towards the end of the season.

Nobody likes a bust, Jerry.