WWE's Attempts At Surprising Us After Royal Rumble Seem Haphazard

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

We all saw Christian Cage's return to the WWE a few days ago, the thing was, we were expecting it to be this Friday or Sunday.

Christian is officially on ECW right now—with his addition to the roster, we don't really know where he's going aside from a ECW title fight as of now. A few days ago, all of us were saying that the only thing that makes sense is him going to Smackdown because of all this Hardy-Edge stuff goin on.

The problem with all of our theories is, when Matt left ECW he left a huge whole in the star power. All ECW had was Finlay and Swagger; they can only fight for so long and despite Evan Bourne coming back soon, they would need more than that.

My last article (located here) more or less relays all my views to our theories. The WWE is tired of hearing our out cries of what is going to happen and they try to flip it on our ear, but in the result it makes everything seem to not make any sense.

Because here is the status of everything now if your waiting to see Friday's broadcast of Smackdown!

  •  Christian will not make an appearance
  •  Nowhere in results do I see a interview where Edge acknowledges him

All this means that the WWE is attempting to not interject Christian into the Hardy-Edge picture because of what we keep on saying.

I have been advocating to all my readers in my recent articles, put the power in our hands! Jeff Hardy won the title because of us, and may have lost it because of us. I don't think that we can say that this all sucks when we are the people causing it.