Fantasy Football 2012: Ten Commandments Before Your Draft

Kenneth Hicks@hicks_kennyCorrespondent IIJune 22, 2012

Fantasy Football 2012: Ten Commandments Before Your Draft

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    The 2012 fantasy football season is upon us and it is time to start the preparations for your upcoming fantasy football draft.

    Being prepared is the ingredient for success in a fantasy football draft.

    As a result, today you are in luck my friend as I provide you the Ten Commandments you must follow before your 2012 fantasy football draft.

First Commandment: Thou Shalt Research Updates Online

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    Fantasy football revolves around research. The more research you do the better results for your fantasy football draft.

    With so many fantasy football dedicated websites out there make sure to always check the date it was published or updated.

    For example, if you are looking at an article from March 2012 and don't see Trent Richardson, then it is because he was not drafted until late April by the Cleveland Browns.

    Now Richardson is projected to get 300-plus carries and will be among the Top-10 running backs chosen in your 2012 fantasy football draft.

    Don't live under a rock in fantasy football is basically what I am saying.

Second Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Buy Fantasy Football Magazines

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    Fantasy football rankings change on a daily basis so it is easier to check the Internet at a library than buy a $10 fantasy football magazine that is several months or years old.

    You will be saving money and saving yourself from embarrassment at your fantasy football draft if you don't pick LaDainian Tomlinson who just retired.

Third Commandment: Thou Shalt Look at Your League Settings

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    The common mistake in fantasy football is to always look at projections for players on a different scoring system.

    There are many times where players get negative points for fumbles, interceptions and sacks in certain fantasy football leagues (I'm talking to you Jay Cutler). 

    Check out this link for fantasy football that gives solid projections based on your own league customized scoring system.

Fourth Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Overanalyze Projections

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    If you over-analyze in fantasy football projections then you will not sleep, constantly second guess yourself and go insane in the process before your draft.

    Always go with your gut.

    Good example, I drafted Daniel Thomas of the Miami Dolphins last year as he was projected to be the starter and workhorse back for the Dolphins in 2011, and then Reggie Bush decided to break out and put up ridiculous fantasy football stats.

    You listen to all the experts and continue to plug in the same player because there is some hope he will come through.

    It is a common mistake in fantasy football, but all you can do is learn from it and make wiser choices in the future.

Fifth Commandment: Thou Shalt Bring Pens, Highlighters, Paper and Money

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    Always be prepared for your fantasy football draft.

    Crossing off players that are already picked is vital.

    Highlighting players in advance to take in future rounds in your fantasy football draft is a great strategy.

    Bringing money get's the commissioner off your back and it means you are reliable which opens up more trade possibilities for you in the future fantasy football season.

    Unless your name is Matt Damon and you are a brilliant genius that has photographic memory posing as a janitor then you will not remember any of the players names to cross off without a utensil.

Sixth Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Reveal Potential Picks to Anyone

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    In your fantasy football draft it is fine to keep a paper that shows your potential picks, but keep that paper away from everyone.

    Odds are that same person you consider a friend will take that same player with the very next pick.

    It is fine to provide observations about who your colleague picks, but don't reveal who you want.

Seventh Commandment: Draft a QB or WR in the First Two Rounds

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    We are in a new fantasy football season in 2012 and the last few years of the NFL have been extremely pass-friendly.

    Nowadays in fantasy football drafts you tend to lose on an elite quarterback or wide receiver if you go running back/running back in the first two rounds.

    My advice is to only draft a running back in the first round if the name is Arian Foster, Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy, Chris Johnson or Maurice Jones-Drew comes up.

    After those Top-Five running backs you will be reaching if you take the RB/RB strategy in the first two rounds.

Eighth Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Draft Kicker/Defense Until Last Two Rounds

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    In fantasy football kickers and defenses are always interchangeable week-to-week based on matchups.

    As a result, no matter what everyone else is doing at your fantasy football draft or what your commissioner is telling you to draft for the position you need, don't draft a kicker or defense until the very last two rounds.

    It is easy to go on the bandwagon feeling that you need a defense or kicker because everybody else is taking them.

    This is simple logic. If everyone jumps off the bridge, are you going to do it too? The answer is no for you band-wagoners out there. 

    Take a step back and stick to your strategy.

    I repeat: don't draft a defense or kicker until the very last two rounds.

Ninth Commandment: Thou Shalt Clear Your Schedule for the Draft

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    On fantasy football draft day, friends, family and any distractions should be avoided.

    This is your day.

    If you don't clear your schedule you leave your fantasy football team in the hands of an auto-draft or going with the best player available.

    100 percent of the time if the system goes on best player available in fantasy football, you will be drafting a kicker in the eighth round and three kickers by the end.

    Additionally, make sure your Internet connection is good as well.

    I found out the hard way when I drafted kicker Garrett Hartley of the New Orleans Saints in 2010 in the eighth round because my Internet connection went haywire.

Tenth Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Forget About the Bye Weeks

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    None of the positions in fantasy football for this are more important than quarterback.

    You don't want to draft a backup quarterback that has the same bye-week as your starter.

    Additionally, it is wise to draft backups that have favorable matchups on the bye week for your starting running backs and wide receivers.

    Moreover, these are the Ten Commandments I always make sure I prepare for on any fantasy football draft.

    What commandments would you like to add to this list?