Plaxico Burress: What QB Situation Is Good Enough for Former Jets WR?

Gary DavenportNFL AnalystJune 22, 2012

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - JANUARY 01:   Plaxico Burress #17 of the New York Jets looks on during a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on January 1, 2012 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Wide receiver Plaxico Burress has apparently decided where he would next like to ply his trade in the National Football League, but the veteran wideout might have an easier time finding a new team if he spent a little less time taking backhanded swipes at his old one.

The 34-year-old free agent, who had 45 receptions for 612 yards and eight touchdowns last season for the New York Jets, told ESPN's First Take on Thursday that he's very interested in playing this season for the Carolina Panthers. Burress said that he feels that Carolina is "a great fit for him" and that he "really likes" Panthers signal-caller Cam Newton as a quarterback.

However, ESPN goes on to report that sources have told The Charlotte Observer that the Panthers have no interest in acquiring the 11th-year veteran. Burress also likely didn't do himself any favors in regards to finding a new employer when asked about his old one during that same First Take interview.

According to The New York Post, when asked whether he believed that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was capable of leading the Jets to the Super Bowl, Burress quipped, "They just paid him so I think they believe he is."

Burress was then asked again if he thought that Sanchez could take the Jets to the NFL's biggest game. Rather than offer the sort of canned response that both says nothing and causes no trouble, Burress decided to take another sideways potshot at the Jets starter by saying, “I think the defense will. I think they definitely have a Super Bowl defense.”

The fun didn't stop there. Even though Burress has never played a snap with the Jets' latest acquisition under center, he wasn't hesitant in the least to go ahead and toss Tim Tebow under the bus, either.

When asked for his opinion on the wildly popular and wildly inaccurate passer, he added, "As a starting wide receiver in the NFL, you walk out there on Sunday and line up … it’s not Peyton Manning back there."

Granted, Burress has a point in that neither Sanchez nor Tebow will be compared with Peyton Manning any time soon, and sitting on a sound stage with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith is bound to make anyone a little loopy.

Still, Burress didn't exactly light the world on fire in his single season with Gang Green. Therefore, going on national television to take potshots at players doesn't exactly seem like the best strategy for a wide receiver with diminishing skills to take while trying to endear himself to another organization.

This isn't the first time that Burress has lashed out at his former quarterback, either. Last year, CBS New York reported that Burress put New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning in his crosshairs, criticizing Manning for not visiting him in prison in an interview with Men's Journal.

I was always his biggest supporter, even days he wasn’t on, ’cause I could sense he didn’t have thick skin. Then I went away, and I thought he would come see me, but nothing, not a letter, in two years. I don’t want to say it was a slap in the face, but I thought our relationship was better than that.

What exactly was Manning supposed to do? Bake Burress a cake with a file in it? Bring him cigarettes?

Plaxico Burress still has value as a red-zone threat in the National Football League, as was evident by his eight scores last year. Unfortunately, whatever talent Burress has left is still attached to the same 10-cent head that landed him in prison in the first place.

The more that Burress opens his mouth, the more chance there is that his football career is headed in the same direction as this guy.