Major Misjudgement for Mr. Kevin Millar

Jason LempertCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009 reported on Wednesday that the Toronto Blue Jays signed Kevin Millar to a Minor League contract. Now, I understand that we are in the midst of a horrendous economic crisis, but come on.

You're telling me that there wasn't a single club that could afford to give this guy a guaranteed Major League deal? I mean, he hit 20 home runs last season and drove in 72 runs on a horrible Orioles team.

Millar is also valuable to a club in other ways that statistically. He's a great guy to have in the clubhouse, as witnessed when he was with Boston in 2003-2005. He is also versatile—he has experience at first base, and both corner outfield positions. 

As a matter of fact, I was personally hoping the Mets would take a shot at the 37-year old Millar. He would have been a great fit in that clubhouse, and would give the team someone who could spell Carlos Delgado at first against tough lefties (i.e. Cole Hamels).

He would also provide an upgrade to Fernando Tatis as a platoon-mate with Daniel Murphy in left field.

I just don't see how a team couldn't shell out a million bucks (or perhaps less) and give this genuine baseball guy a Major League contract. But I suppose Minor League contracts are becoming the new fashion in today's MLB.