WWE News: Watch the First Episode of the Newly Revamped NXT

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IJune 22, 2012

With nearly nothing left unaltered from the original look of the program, the WWE’s secondary show, NXT, looks to finally have the direction to be a launch pad for new up-and-coming stars of the company.

Following replacing the WWE’s version of ECW in 2010, NXT was created in the form of a reality show mixed with the typical in-ring action of live events to crown the next big star to come through the ranks in the WWE.

Instead of the aforementioned reality show competition concept in the earlier seasons of the program, the WWE should have definitely used NXT in its newest form the past few years where it could have built new stars for a dangerously thin roster.

During the show, it seems as though there is a wave of new talent waiting in the wings ready to make the jump to either Raw or Smackdown like Bo Dallas and the Ascension tag team featured on this week’s show.

If the show starts to build up some steam in the coming months, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the WWE to show more matches or possibly create a specific championship for the program to help develop superstars on NXT.

With the program getting a breath of fresh air this week into their show, do you think NXT can be a success in the long run by building up young superstars before they make the jump to the main roster?


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