Bobby Abreu Goes to Los Angeles Angels

Perry ArnoldSenior Analyst IFebruary 12, 2009

Mike Scioscia, pictured above, should be very happy with the announcement today that the Angels have signed Bobby Abreu.

Angels management should be very happy that they were able to get the outfielder for a reported $5 million on a one-year contract.

The puzzling thing about this is why the New York Yankees would have let Abreu go if he could have been signed for so little.

The Yankees have no outfielder who combines such defensive skills with consistent offensive production. In his two plus seasons in New York, Abreu hit in the middle of the Yankee lineup, consistently drove in 100 runs and scored 100 runs.

He was also patient at the plate, working pitchers into long counts and once on base was a better threat to steal a base than any other Yankee regular.

He was very good in the outfield with an exceptional arm. The only criticism of his defense is that he often shied away from walls.

The Yankees did not offer Abreu arbitration, which is understandable considering that he earned $16 million last year and had a very good year. He would probably have gotten at least that much in the arbitration process, despite almost all salaries taking a dip.

But Abreu had made it clear that he wanted to come back to NYC. He is a much better outfielder than Xavier Nady, Nick Swisher, Johnny Damon, or Hideki Matsui, who are the current candidates for the corner outfield slots.

Surely the Yankees could have attempted to re-sign Abreu, and if it was a one-year deal, much could have been gained on very little gambled.

The Angels will be very happy with their new player and the Yankees will rue the day they neglected to re-sign Bobby Abreu.