David Wright Nailed In Run Down in 2006 NLCS—Not Quite

Wendy AdairAnalyst IFebruary 12, 2009

One of the funniest things that I have ever witnessed during the many games at Shea Stadium since I was a kid was during Game Four of the 2006 National League Championship Series between the Mets and St Louis Cardinals.  When your team is fighting to win the pennant and compete in the World Series, you do need to get creative when other things may not be working out for your team. 

After having a good series against the  Dodgers, a team he has "owned" since his Major League Debut, Wright had struggled at the plate the entire series against the Cardinals so he took full advantage of any situation where the team needed an extra boost and another out.

David Wright was on first, he is a small guy, a fast runner and more than a little sneaky on the bases and they thought they had him nailed at second base on a routine ground ball hit to the second baseman.  The Cardinals underestimated his ability, he had other plans, he ran back and forth, narrowly avoiding several tags by various infielders.

It was like watching a table tennis game on the bases, he was safe, which was terrific but how he got there was entertaining.  They ended up losing to the Cardinals in Game Seven, which we were also there for, but was a great series.

Watching guys hit monstrous home runs is great, as well as seeing a pitcher totally dominate a lineup is incredible, but watching a runner create base path chaos is one of the best parts of watching a live baseball game.