Debate: How Many Rings Will LeBron Finish with in His Career?

Rob MahoneyNBA Lead WriterJune 22, 2012

LeBron James' career with the Miami Heat began with a bit of a hiccup, but after another year of trials and growth, the most maligned superstar the NBA has ever known has finally climbed the mountaintop.

LeBron James is an NBA champion, and just as he wasted no time in predicting that the Heat would win not one, not two, not three... (etc.) titles in their current form, so will we do our best to hastily predict the title-bearing future of the league's best player.

There's obviously a lot of noise when it comes to making predictions such as these, but we'll cast all of that aside in the name of arbitrary guesswork.

So, what say ye? How many rings will LeBron eventually have at career's end?