Last Man Standing: Adrian Newey

Daniel LamCorrespondent IFebruary 12, 2009

Red Bull Racing launched their new car on Monday at Jerez—the Red Bull Racing Renault RB5—the third car from Adrian Newey. This comes after spending the last two years hindered by reliability issues, and a lack of speed. Most likely, 2009 would have been a make or break situation for the best designer of the modern era.

Mark Webber had said the RB5 was the most beautiful car of the current 2009 cars, and he may of well have been correct. The RB5 is a work of art, rather then a race car. The streamlined body, coupled with the complex front wing and elevated nose, seem to give the RB5 a touch of elegance and class.

If the scoreboard doesn't lie, then the RB5 will defiantly be one to beat. Although it has already had two gearbox issues, the pros heavily outweigh the cons, a hallmark of many Newey designed cars.

The uniqueness of Newey's vision to breakaway from the design concepts of others has paid off, and instead of plagiarizing and getting ideas from others, Newey and his team have produced this masterpiece; The RB5, a work of art.