Fantasy WWE: Monday Night Raw (6/4)

Will OwenCorrespondent IJune 21, 2012

Fantasy WWE: Monday Night Raw (6/4)

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    Hey, Bleacher Report!

    This is the posting of this past Monday's episode of Monday Night Raw.

    As the name implies, this is "Fantasy Raw." By no means will any of this ever happen—it's just a continuation of the Fantasy WWE Series. 

    The ratings war started a few weeks back, so please leave a comment with a rating from 1 (hated it) to 10 (loved it). Please give us some feedback. It will only help us.

    A brief background: In October 2011, Nate Scaccia and I represented Raw while Kevin Berge and Nate Giese represented Smackdown in the second-ever WWE Fantasy Draft. After a lot of demanding schedules, the shows are now run by Michael Broughton and Will Owen on Raw, while Charl G, Jack McKenzie and George Cushnie control Smackdown. Both shows are putting on great episodes week in, week out and are very interesting.

    Writer's note: Just to show you guys that I read and value your comments, I've recently begun implementing match times into my matches, and now I am going to post my Raw roster every week. 

    Raw Roster

    1. Randy Orton

    2. Seth Rollins

    3. Mark Henry

    4. Sheamus

    5. Wade Barrett

    6. Rey Mysterio

    7. Undertaker

    8. Alex Riley

    9. Drew McIntyre

    10. R-Truth

    11. John Morrison

    12. Justin Gabriel

    13. Vladimir Kozlov

    14. Rob Van Dam

    15. Shelton Benjamin

    16. Kane

    17. Chris Masters

    18. Joe Hennig

    19. David Otunga

    20. Mason Ryan

    21. Great Khali

    22. Kassius Ohno

    23. Abraham Washington

    24. William Regal

    25. Booker T

    26. Layla

    27. Beth Phoenix

    28. Alicia Fox

    29. Kelly Kelly

    30. Rosa Mendes

    31. Tamina Snuka

    32. Tiffany

    33. Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd and DH Smith w/Natalya)

    34. Dudley Boyz (D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley)

    35. Harris and Rotundo (Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo)

    36. The Cólons (Primo and Epico w/Rosa)

    37. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso w/Tamina)

    Editor's Note: (Fantasy WWE went on a two-week hiatus to look at the series and formulate new ideas. We will be catching up this week in time for this Sunday's (June 24th's) Money in the Bank pay-per-view. 

    This is just four weeks after Backlash, which you can view here. We are also only three weeks away from Money in the Bank. What's in store for tonight? Only one way to find out. Let's get to Raw!

Promo: Raw Is Live from Greenville, South Carolina

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    JR: “Welcome WWE Universe! Tonight’s Raw is live from Greenville, South Carolina! And it’s going to be a good one. We could be seeing the end of corruption on Raw, as Vince McMahon’s 4 Week Plan is over. Here comes the Chief Operating Officer of WWE, Triple H!”

    Time to play the game! Triple H walks down to the ring for a great reaction.

    Triple H: “Nice to be here in Greenville, South Carolina. As the WWE Universe knows, I gave Vince McMahon four weeks to save his ass by producing great results as the General Manager of Raw. I personally couldn’t wait to see Vince fall flat on his face, but what he did is unlike anything I could’ve imagined. He somehow managed to convince Brock Lesnar in to returning to WWE, and that was not only ballsy and controversial, it created suspense throughout the WWE Universe. So Vince McMahon, get out here, so I can finish your job evaluation.”

    Vince McMahon walks down to the ring with a smile on his face and Brock Lesnar right next to him.

    Triple H: “Nice touch by bringing your new protégé to the ring with you, but that will not be changing my decision in any way. You are a corrupted, unjust, impartial person who only likes seeing himself, and his friends, succeed. That alone should warrant me firing you.”

    This gets a huge pop from the crowd, who are very excited to see Vince get canned.

    Triple H: “But let’s keep going. You kept trying to take down the World Heavyweight Champion, by any means necessary-“

    Vince: “I just wanted to-“

    Triple H: “Shut the hell up when I’m talking to you. I’m your boss right now, Vince. As I was saying, you constantly tried to strip Seth Rollins of his belt, but failed miserably every single time. You’ve ruined the show that made me famous and you built yourself. But of course, you managed to ally with Brock Lesnar. So now I’m supposed to say that his return allows you to keep your job?”

    This also gets a great reaction with high-pitched voices (Cena-fan voices) cheering and clapping.

    Triple H:  “Well luckily for you, that’s exactly what happened. The Board of the Directors and I disagreed but their vote won. However, you will be under constant surveillance until Summerslam, where we will make a second job evaluation. Until then, watch your ass, Vince.”

    Vince: “There’s no need for me to ‘watch my ass.’ Brock Lesnar coming back was only the beginning of the Raw Revolution. See, these past 4 weeks, I’ve almost had an epiphany of sorts. I’m going to practice just, fair and impartial rule. I’m going to bring back the element of surprise that you all saw with the return of Lesnar.”

    Lesnar: “And if you will, Vince. I’d like to address the WWE Universe. When I left WWE for the NFL and UFC, I knew that I would be the top guy in any joke of an organization that I went to. Now, I’m back in WWE and I’m getting the respect I want, and I’m being treated like the Top Guy.”

    Vince: “And with all of that said, I’d like to book the main event to Money in the Bank. It will be Seth Rollins defending his title against the only man who can defeat him, Brock Lesnar.”

Promo: Randy Orton Interjects

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    Randy Orton’s theme goes off for an intense reaction.

    Orton: “So first, you stay in this business because you brought back the man who did it all. Right, what a great superstar! Worked his way up the ranks! Defeated the best of them! Youngest world champion of all time! Not anymore. See Vince, a senile old man like you might not remember, but I fought through every challenger on this brand. I lost one time, ONE TIME, to Seth Rollins and now I’m not getting a fair chance.”

    Vince: “Well that’s so sad, but a nice bit of news for you, I don’t care what you think of me, Brock, or this brand. The fact of the matter is you have a contract that you have to honor.”

    Orton: “I want Brock!” He drops the microphone and runs into the ring, where the two of them exchange vicious rights.

    They wind up in the turnbuckle when security runs out and pulls them apart. Lesnar breaks away from the four that are on him and hits a big right to the face of Orton. Soon, the Raw locker room empties in the ring as superstars try to pull the two apart. After trying to pull off for a minute, the two of them calm down and mouth off to each other, with Orton saying “I want you. Tonight.”

    Vince: “Well Randy, if you really want a match tonight, you got one. Against my executive assistant, David Otunga.”

    JR: “It looks like Vince’s team is starting to form and unite. This should be very exciting, as we see Randy Orton, one of Vince’s greatest adversaries, taking part in a match against McMahon’s executive assistant.”

Match 1: Alex Riley and Shelton Benjamin vs. the Usos

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    For the first match of the night, Alex Riley comes to the ring. He gets a strong reaction. Then comes Shelton Benjamin as his tag team partner. Finally, the Usos enter the ring for tremendous boos from the entire crowd.

    Alex Riley and Jey Uso are in the ring to start the match. Riley begins the offense by going for a clothesline. Uso gets up, reverses an atomic drop, responds with a kick to the gut and pushes Uso into the turnbuckle, where he goes for a running elbow to the face.

    Shelton Benjamin steps down from the ring and starts walking away, but doesn’t draw much attention until JR says something.

    JR: “Where is Shelton Benjamin going? He can’t just leave in the middle of the match.”

    Riley topples over and when he gets up (which takes a long time) Uso hits a spinning kick. He tags out and the two Usos hit a tag team maneuver similar to 3D, but instead Jimmy Uso (holding Riley’s head) spins his body around before hitting an RKO-type move. JR calls it the Usolation.

    Uso goes for the pin: 1…2…kick out! He waits for Riley to get up and tries to hit a belly-to-belly suplex, but Riley turns it into his own belly-to-belly. He starts crawling over to Shelton Benjamin, who’s nowhere to be found.

    Riley is stuck in the corner, now prone to attacks from the Usos. Jey gets out of the ring, runs around to the corner that Riley’s in and starts delivering rights from outside of the ring while Jimmy (inside the ring), continues to deliver a beat-down.

    The two of them move Alex Riley over and hit their tag team finisher, the Alley-Us.

    Jimmy goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a diving legdrop on Riley. He covers him up: 1…2…3!

    “Here are your winners, The Usos!” (Time of Match: 4:44)

    Alex Riley slowly gets up and asks for a microphone.

    Riley: “What are you trying to prove Shelton? I thought you were going to finally give me your respect, but it looks like I’m going to have to take you down again before you see my talent.”

    Riley gets up and storms out of the ring, for a decent reaction from nearby fans.

Promo: Rey Mysterio Interview Backstage

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    We go backstage where Todd Grisham introduces himself.

    Grisham: “I’m standing here with Wade Barrett’s opponent at Money in the Bank, Rey Mysterio.

    “Rey, why do you think Barrett didn’t want to fight you a few weeks ago on Raw, only to challenge you at Money in the Bank?”

    Mysterio: “To be honest Todd, I have no idea. The man is obviously a lunatic. He’s more loco than anybody I’ve ever fought with.”

    Grisham: “How are you going to prepare for your match, which is only 20 days away?”

    Mysterio: “The same way I prepare for every match. The thing about Barrett is that he’s tough. Don’t get me wrong, he’s tough. But at the same time he-“

    Rey Mysterio is hit by a chair and falls to the ground, thanks to a chair shot from Wade Barrett.

    Barrett: “Mysterio, I skipped the match because Vince McMahon said that if I wait until Money in the Bank, I can pick the stipulation. And at Money in the Bank, I want you in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Now I’ll have another reason as to why I’m going to beat your ass.”

    Grisham looks at Mysterio and tries helping him recuperate as Barrett walks off, laughing.

    Jerry Lawler: “Barrett’s decision to wait until Money in the Bank is genius. Now he can enjoy demolishing and torturing Rey Mysterio in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.”

    JR: “I don’t know if that was very fair of Vince McMahon. Mysterio already has all of the odds stacked against him. Barrett is a foot taller than him and weighs nearly 100 pounds more. Adding weapons to this match will only cause an injury, and I don’t think the insane Wade Barrett will be the recipient of any real damage.”

    Jerry Lawler: “You really like talking, don’t you JR? Barrett has been unstoppable, it’s only fair that he gets some say in his matches.”

    JR: “Regardless, Vince McMahon and Randy Orton just can’t settle their differences and now David Otunga will be taking on Randy Orton. That’s next!”

    We cut to commercial break.

Match 2: David Otunga vs. Randy Orton

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    We come back from commercial break where David Otunga is standing in the ring, with a little bounce in his step. Randy Orton comes out for an amazing reaction.

    Orton gets in the ring and is immediately chased by Otunga. The Harvard Law graduate starts stomping on Orton, but the Viper still gets up pretty quickly and when he does, there’s all hell to pay.

    Jerry Lawler: “I think Otunga is the wrong guy to make Randy Orton mad.”            

    Orton now begins his own offense. He starts off with an inverted neckbreaker on Otunga. Orton now steps Otunga similarly to how the Harvard Graduate was doing to the Viper before.

    When Otunga finally gets up, he takes in a backdrop suplex.

    Orton goes for the cover:! Randy Orton stopped the pin in order to have more fun. He now Irish-whips Otunga into the opposite turnbuckle, where Otunga barely catches himself from toppling over. Orton then takes Otunga and whips him into the opposite turnbuckle.

    The turnbuckle stops Otunga from falling.

    Orton then Irish-whips Otunga again, following with a running knee to his gut. Otunga moves away from the turnbuckle, standing groggily.

    Orton bounces off the rope and tries to nail Otunga with the clothesline, but the executive assistant of Vince McMahon ducks and responds with an uppercut to the chin.

    Otunga topples over, but still gets up about a second before Orton. Orton is on his feet, but leaning forward. Otunga capitalizes on this and hits with a slow bulldog. Otunga falls to the ground and crawls to Orton for the pin: 1…2...kick out!

    Jerry Lawler: “I can’t believe Otunga is finally getting some true offense in this one. Could he win this match?”

    JR: “That’s why you should be more open-minded, King. David Otunga is tough, strong and most of all, he is an absolute genius.”

    While Orton is on the ground, Otunga bounces off the rope and drops an elbow on Orton (similar to how John Cena does the Five Knuckle Shuffle).

    Jerry Lawler: “That’s it, David Otunga is going to pull off the upset! I don’t believe it.”

    He covers Orton: 1…2…rope break!

    Otunga is shocked. He waits for Orton to get up and goes for a spinebuster, but Orton kicks him in the gut and responds with an RKO out of nowhere.

    JR: “Believe that King. Orton’s signature move, the RKO, just came out of nowhere. You can never count out a guy like Orton because he could just finish you off with one quick RKO.”

    Orton makes the cover: 1…2…3!

    Jerry Lawler: “I am a little worried for Orton. He just narrowly defeated a rookie. How will he be able to take down all of McMahon’s friends if he can barely take out the executive assistant?”

    Sheamus comes to the ring with a sarcastic clap and microphone in hand.

    Sheamus: “My goodness. That was very impressive. You just barely beat David Otunga. And remember, I still have a score to settle with you. You have it all Randy, the money, the playboy lifestyle, the championship opportunities.

    “But you don’t deserve it, not at all. That’s why at Money in the Bank, I want to show everybody in the WWE Universe why you don’t get that coveted title shot from Vince McMahon.”

    Orton: “You’re on. I’ll take you on any day of the week. You’re the least of my concerns at this point, a match against you should be no sweat.”

    JR: “Another match added to Money in the Bank. These guys have been at each others’ throats for weeks and we’re going to see them in a good old-fashioned slobber-knocker at Money in the Bank.”

    Jerry Lawler: “And speaking of Money in the Bank, who’s going to be in the eight-man Raw Money in the Bank match?”

    JR: “With all of the talent here on the Raw roster, only time will tell.”

Promo: Drew McIntyre Backstage

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    We go backstage and see Drew McIntyre standing around, checking his watch while wearing nice clothes.

    JR: “Here’s a clip that we just found seconds ago, thanks to a hidden backstage camera.”

    McIntyre: “Where the hell is she? She’s over ten minutes late.”

    Drew McIntyre starts walking around, asking people if they’ve seen Tiffany. Nobody knows until he sees Ted DiBiase.

    DiBiase: “I saw her go in that direction before (he points near the interview section and further down, near one of the emergency exits).”

    McIntyre: “Okay, thanks.”

    He walks over there and sees Tiffany walk inside via the emergency exit door. Her hair’s a little out of whack and her shirt is backwards.”

    McIntyre: “What the hell were you doing?”

    Tiffany: “I didn’t want to tell you, but I’ve taken up smoking.”

    McIntyre: “I don’t believe it. What happened to your hair?”

    Tiffany hesitates a little and then comes up with this: “It’s really windy tonight.”

    McIntyre lightly moves her out of the way and sees John Morrison putting his t-shirt on. Obviously McIntyre expects the worst. He takes Morrison inside and starts beating him up senselessly.

    McIntyre starts by Irish-whipping Morrison into the Raw interview set. He takes his head and throws it into the pointless plasma TV which does nothing but show the Raw logo on it.

    Morrison’s face is already bleeding.

    Vince McMahon walks by, gives a very angry look, and says: “You two better get up or you’re both gone! Tiffany, you’re obviously the problematic b**** of this group, get a ref and tell those idiots that this is going to be a hardcore match and they better go to the ring. I want this to be a match.”

    Vince McMahon goes to look at the damage done to the interview set, while the two of them (Drew and Morrison) exchange rights and eventually make it near the entrance.

Match 3: Drew McIntyre vs. John Morrison

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    The bell rings as soon as both of them walk under the Titan Tron. McIntyre almost Irish-whips Morrison off the entrance ramp and into the electrical wires, but Morrison catches himself a few feet away.

    McIntyre runs into John Morrison and tries to knock him into the wiring, but Morrison ducks. McIntyre almost flies into the wires, but he saves himself.

    Now the two of them are exchanging rights and make their way into the ring.

    McIntyre nails Morrison with a dropkick, and continues to destroy him. McIntyre hits a backdrop suplex on Morrison and then leaves the ring. He pulls a chair away from the ring announcer area (Lillian Garcia’s corner) and folds it.

    He walks into the ring and looks at Morrison, who is just getting up. Morrison keeps shaking his head in disbelief and practically begs McIntyre to spare him. McIntyre stops for just a second and Morrison goes for the low blow.

    Morrison then rolls out of the way and leaves the ring. He starts running away as quickly as he can, but McIntyre takes a chair and catches up to him. Tiffany walks out, in what looks like an attempt to stop the fighting, but Morrison pushes her into McIntyre and he whacks her with the steel chair.

    McIntyre and Morrison stop. McIntyre immediately charges at Morrison with the chair but Morrison runs off. McIntyre throws the chair away and tends to Tiffany. He waves for a medic to come over as we head to commercial break.

Promo: Mark Henry and Abraham Washington Interview Backstage

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    We come back from commercial break and Todd Grisham is standing near the garage.

    Grisham: “I’m here with one of Raw’s newest factions, Mark Henry, Abe Washington and Kharma, and they’re already making waves in the Tag-Team Division. How do you guys think you will compare to Seth Rollins and the Hart Dynasty in tonight’s 3-on-3 tag-team match?”

    Henry: “We’re not in the mood to talk to you. How about you back off before I have Washington throw you through that car over there?”

    Grisham: “Thanks for your time. Good luck tonight.”

    Washington: “And remember one thing, Dark Thunder doesn’t need luck. If anything, you should find the Hart lame-asses and wish them ‘luck.’”

Promo: Beth Phoenix Comes Down to the Ring

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    We now come back to the ring where Beth Phoenix comes out in anticipation of a match. She grabs a microphone.

    Phoenix: “What’s the point anymore? I bust my ass here every opportunity I get. But I never get the respect I deserve. We divas are given 10 minutes out here a night. I don’t even know what to say anymore. And to be honest, I don’t think it’s my fault.”

    This gets a huge pop from the crowd, who loves every word she says.

    Phoenix: “I’ve beaten some of the best divas on my most recent path to the Women’s Championship. Yet management doesn’t give a damn about me. They should know that there are divisions like Shimmer or dare I say, TNA, who would give me all the money in the world just to make an appearance, but I stick with WWE on a discount.”

    JR: “What an honorable superstar, she’s definitely an important presence in the Divas division.”

    Phoenix: “Wrestling’s not about money to me, I wrestler because I love it. And that is more impressive than Kelly Kelly’s motives. The same can be said for Layla, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, or almost any other girl in that locker room.”

    “WWE Universe, I’m not the most sexually attractive person, but physically, I am a rare specimen that is revered and you guys should show me a little respe-“

    Kelly Kelly comes down to the ring.

    Kelly: “It’s funny, because I’ve beaten you twice, one-on-one in the past year. And the fact that you have no beauty of any kind isn’t my fault. Thank your parents or whatever genetic freaks made you. Women like me are a dime a dozen. I have the looks AND I can wrestle.”

    Beth Phoenix can’t believe what she’s saying and is almost laughing about how profound Kelly’s remarks are.

    Beth: “How about you go for your third? You and me tonight. And Kelly, I’m so confident I’m going to win, I’ll risk my belt.”

    JR: “We’re going to have a women’s championship match here, tonight! That’s the definition of a gutsy move by Beth Phoenix.”

Match 4: Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly for the Women's Championship

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    Beth Phoenix tosses the microphone to Lillian Garcia and Kelly Kelly walks to the ring for their match. Beth starts with a big boot to Kelly Kelly's face.

    Kelly is already slow to get up, yet she still reverses a backdrop suplex by hitting an elbow to the face. She then rebounds with a clothesline, but Phoenix ducks and responds with a spinning kick.

    Phoenix goes for the cover: 1…2...kick out. Phoenix gets back up and hits a backbreaker, holding onto Kelly Kelly after she hits Beth’s knee, and hits two more in succession, causing Kelly to writhe in pain.

    Beth Phoenix starts to laugh, almost maniacally. She hits a baseball slide which deals great damage to Kelly Kelly’s upper body. Beth then lifts Kelly up and leans her against the turnbuckle. She goes for a running clothesline but Kelly ducks.

    On the rebound, Kelly hits a backdrop suplex-into-pin: 1…2...kick out!

    Beth Phoenix is able to get up before Kelly Kelly and goes for a Gorilla Press Slam. She hits it with great form. She then heads to the second turnbuckle and hits a diving knee drop.

    She goes for the cover: 1…2...kick out!

    Jerry Lawler: “Kelly Kelly is willing to go everywhere and back. If Beth Phoenix is going to complain about Kelly, then Beth should at least be able to finish her off.”

    JR: “Kelly Kelly is talented no doubt, but Beth Phoenix is one of the toughest and most talented divas that this business has ever seen.”

    Jerry Lawler: “And just a lesson for Beth Phoenix: you don’t have to be ugly to be a good wrestler.”

    JR: “How shallow is that? You’re judging her based on looks. What if Chyna was judged by her looks? She turned out to be one of the best divas of her time.”

    Beth continues her offense with a suplex of her own (she uses the ropes to gain power and momentum on the suplex). Phoenix Irish-whips Kelly Kelly over the top rope and outside of the ring.

    Beth immediately tries to finish off Kelly Kelly, by throwing her onto the announcer table. The count reaches seven when Kelly Kelly even shows some sign of movement.

    Beth lifts her up anyways and drops a Glam Slam right on top of the Spanish announcer's table. She doesn’t pin Kelly Kelly but rolls back in the ring at the count of nine.

    The match ends with a victory for Beth Phoenix. She raises her arms and belt in triumph as Kelly Kelly lies on the Spanish announce table.

    “Here is your winner, Beth Phoenix!” (Time of Match: 5:12)

    JR: “I’m never happy to see anybody resort to violence like that, but Beth definitely had some reason to do it. Kelly Kelly has given Beth a hard time for months, and she deserved it.”

Promo: Vince McMahon in the GM's Office

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    We cut backstage to where Vince McMahon is sitting in his office with Kassius Ohno.

    Kassius: “Vince. I just wanted to say how sorry I am for hitting a rough patch for the last few weeks. But rest assured, you are looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion.”

    Vince: “It might be a little tough for you to do that. Lesnar has the next shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. But, I have a proposition for you. You and I both know that by my side, you’ll be the future of this business. So, as I form my own 'Federation,' I want to see you stand by mine and Brock’s side and hoist that European Championship in the air. In fact, go find the following guys, I have some plans that I would like to go over with them. I’m looking for Mark Henry, Abe Washington, Kharma, Brock Lesnar, David Otunga, The Usos and Tamina. And one more thing, don’t tell anybody else; The Federation will not be a locker room presence until I want it to be.”

    Kassius: “Thanks Mr. McMahon, I won’t let you down.”

    We see Kassius Ohno walk out of the office.

Match 5: Mason Ryan vs. Booker T

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    Now Mason Ryan comes down to the ring. He enters for decent heat, with William Regal by his side.

    Regal: “You know what, WWE Universe? I understand that Mason Ryan hasn’t had an opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship, since his European Championship is just as important to this company. What I don’t get is that no worthy adversaries have crossed his path. So anybody from the locker room, take on the Welshman. He doesn’t mind. In fact, bring your frien-“

    Booker T walks out to the ring with a microphone.

    Booker: “Playa, I want you in the ring TOnight.”

    This gets a huge pop from the crowd.

    Mason Ryan and Booker T exchange looks as a ref is called down to the ring for a match. 

    Booker T starts the offense with three rights, followed by a running DDT. He’s really over with the crowd and the cheer: “Booker” is heard well throughout the arena.

    Booker goes for a running leg drop but Ryan moves out of the way just in time. He lifts Booker up and hits a scoop slam. Ryan then decides to move out to a submission maneuver, which is a hybrid between a Boston Crab and an Olympic Lock.

    Booker is nearly tapping out but he gets a good kick to Ryan’s chest, moves out of the path of destruction, and slides out of the ring. He recuperates for a few seconds and then quickly slides in and stands up, so he would not be victim to a Ryan beating.

    Ryan and Booker T exchange looks. Ryan goes for an Irish whip into the turnbuckle and hits it. He then tries to go for a spear from the opposite corner but Booker moves out of the way, causing Ryan’s shoulder to awkwardly collide with the turnbuckle.

    JR: “Ryan’s shoulder looks like it might be separated. I think we need to get some kind of medical attention out here.”

    Booker T takes Mason Ryan on the rebound and goes for the Book End, but Ryan hits a big boot before Ryan actually goes down. He tends to his shoulder as Booker is still on the ground. Booker gets up and runs into a not-so-vicious clothesline from Ryan’s left arm (the right shoulder is in bad condition).

    Jerry Lawler: “Mason Ryan is taking out Booker T with one good arm. Imagine that JR? The five time, five time, five time, five time, five time WCW Champion is about to lose to a one armed freak.”

    JR: “Never count Booker T out. The man is a legend in the ring. He could turn the tables at any point.”

    Mason Ryan waits for Booker to get up and uses all of his energy to lift him with his left shoulder in order to hit the spinebuster. Booker punches Ryan’s right shoulder and suddenly seems like he has a fighting chance.

    Booker runs off the rope and hits a clothesline, but Ryan doesn’t fall over; instead, he stands groggily in the center of the ring.

    Booker T sees it fit to go for his finishing Scissors Kick and he hits it. The cover: 1…2…3!

    “Here is your winner, Booker T!” (Time of Match: 6:12)

    JR: “I told you. The man is prolific in the squared circle.”

    Jerry Lawler: “Hush.”

    Booker T goes for a little in-ring spin-a-rooney that is very well-received by the crowd. He grabs a microphone and says: “Booker’s Back!”

    He gets another gigantic pop and then walks out of the ring. 

Promo: Hype for Money in the Bank and the 1000th Raw Episode

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    June 24th is WWE’s Money in the Bank. Look forward to Raw’s 8-Man Money in the Bank match. Also, Seth Rollins will be taking on his new arch-nemesis Brock Lesnar in a match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Sheamus will also bout with Randy Orton, as the two cannot take each other’s antics. Finally, Wade Barrett wants to put Rey Mysterio in a Wasteland with his decision to put him in a Hardcore match.

    Only available at WWE’s Money in the Bank.

    July 23rd is the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw! View this episode to see some shocking returns and an amazing three-hour show that will come with big news and title defenses.

Promo: Main Event Hype

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    Right before the main event starts, we see Brock Lesnar walk into Vince McMahon’s room. Already, Abe Washington and Mark Henry are standing and waiting (Dark Thunder as their known).

    Vince: “Perfect, the three of you will be teaming up against Seth Rollins and two partners of his choice tonight. Make the Federation proud and don’t worry about how you fare, just show up and fight.”

    On that note, the three of them look ecstatic and walk down to the ring together.

    Brock Lesnar makes his way down to the ring with Dark Thunder. They get terrific heat as a brand new stable, but embrace the hate. Seth Rollins comes out first by himself. He grabs a mic.

    Seth Rollins: “It’s classic Vince McMahon to be unfair and not notify that I needed two partners. I’m gonna ask nicely because I really need help. Anybody, fans, men, divas, I need help. They weigh a combined 1,100 pounds. What chance do I have? So come on somebody.”

    Hart Attack is heard over the titan tron and the crowd pops loudly.

    JR: “What a great fit! The Hart Dynasty is here tonight and they definitely have a bone to pick with Dark Thunder.”

    Jerry Lawler: “And I love that name: Dark Thunder. It’s ingenious.”

    JR: “Regardless, let’s see this main event.”

Main Event: Seth Rollins + 2 Mystery Partners vs. Brock Lesnar + Dark Thunder

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    Seth Rollins and Abe Washington start the match in the ring together. Rollins ducks from a Washington right and slides across the ring. He responds with an Enzuigiri for a nice pop.

    Rollins goes to the top turnbuckle between his teammates and Henry/Lesnar’s corner. He goes for a diving headbutt and hits it.

    He pins Washington: 1…2...kick out! Washington is getting up on all fours and Rollins hits a running dropkick to his head.

    He tags in DH Smith who starts his offense with a powerslam. When Washington gets up, he ducks out of a possible clothesline and responds with a spinebuster. He barely makes his way out and somehow tags in Lesnar.

    DH Smith nobly takes on Lesnar but there's obviously no comparison. Lesnar hits a Gorilla Press Slam on him and covers him: 1...2...kick out!

    Lesnar then goes for a running big boot and hits it. He runs across the rope and hits an elbow on Smith. He continuously stomps on Smith until Smith makes it to the rope. He gets up and is immediately hit by a clothesline into the turnbuckle by Lesnar.

    Just before he falls down, Tyson Kidd whacks his chest, meaning that Kidd is the legal man. Lesnar doesn’t notice this at first, allowing Tyson Kidd to hit Code Blue. He gets a great pop from the crowd.

    Lesnar gets up but Kidd hits a running bulldog.

    JR: “I can’t believe how great of a job Kidd is doing against somebody twice his size. Maybe the Dynasty will have a chance against Dark Thunder when they have their Tag-Team Championship bout.”

    Lesnar manages to tag out and in comes Mark Henry. He looks ready to devour Tyson Kidd but again, the Hart Dynasty member fights on. He runs across the ring and goes for a crossbody—but Henry catches him in the air.

    He hits a Backbreaker and covers Kidd: 1…2…kick out!

    Kidd runs away from a possible World’s Strongest Slam and tags out. He tags in Seth Rollins who off the hot tag starts viciously taking on Henry. He first hits a running neckbreaker and then goes for a running legdrop on the downed Henry.

    Rollins goes for the cover: 1…! Washington steps on Rollins just before he can get to the three count.

    Mark Henry slowly gets up and catches Rollins foot just before an Avada Kedavra came his way. Mark Henry elbows his leg and then hits a backdrop suplex. He makes the cover on Rollins: 1…2…kick out!

    JR: “How did Rollins manage to break out of that one! I really thought this one was over.”

    Mark Henry picks him up and tags in Washington. The two of them hit a double spinebuster on Rollins. Washington then hits an atomic drop on Rollins after he gets up. Washington goes for the arrogant cover: 1…2…rope break!

    Jerry Lawler: “The little guy has a ton of fight, that’s for damn sure.”

    JR: “And don’t be surprised if he pulls off the upset. He’s one of the premier members of this brand and every near fall like that proves it more and more.”

    Abraham Washington can’t think of anything else to do, with how close that was, so he tags in Mark Henry. Henry immediately goes on the offensive, going for a fallaway slam. Rollins is hit so hard that he rolls out of the ring.

    Somehow, Rollins is able to crawl and tag in DH Smith. The crowd goes wild as Smith heads in the ring. Smith hits a clothesline on Henry and then big boots Washington. Rollins then asks to be tagged back in.

    JR: “What great heart shown by Rollins! The man refuses to give up!”

    The crowd is absolutely ecstatic to see this upset. Rollins is about to go for Avada Kedavra but Vince McMahon’s theme goes off and he walks to the ring.

    Vince: “Seth. I suggest that you keep these two guys as your bodyguards, because you’ll never be left alone by the Federation.”

    All of a sudden, The Usos, Tamina, Kassius Ohno, David Otunga, Kharma, Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo all walk down to the ring by fanning out. Rollins has nowhere to go and is victim to a headshot by Harris’s chair. Kassius Ohno attacks Rollins with a Hangman’s Elbow.

    JR: “What the hell is happening here? Where is the help for Seth Rollins? He just endured a 13-minute match and nobody is willing to help. I don’t believe it!”

    The WWE logo shows up and the night is over. 


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    And that's our show! Tell me if you liked it by leaving a comment with a rating of the show (1 to 10). Just as a recap, this was the card:

    1. The Usos def. Shelton Benjamin and Alex Riley via pinfall

    2. Randy Orton def. David Otunga via pinfall

    3. John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre fought to a no contest

    4. Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly via pinfall

    5. Mason Ryan def. Booker T via pinfall

    6. Seth Rollins, DH Smith + Tyson Kidd def. Dark Thunder + Brock Lesnar via disqualification

    Tune in Monday night for Monday Night Raw and on Thursdays at 7 p.m for episodes of Smackdown.

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