MLB Doesn't Want Braun to Win Another MVP

Justin Schultz@@JSchu23Correspondent IJune 21, 2012

Ryan Braun, after dealing with an inexplicable offseason, constant boos from opposing fans, and having Major League Baseball as his enemy, is having another phenomenal season.

As of June 21st, the former first-round pick is atop the National League leader board with 20 home runs.

It must be the steroids, right? If Braun used steroids in 2011, then he must be taking them this year. He is arguably having a better year than his MVP season.

Let's compare Braun's statistics from last year to this season.























The first thing that jumps out at you is the power numbers. It's safe to say that Braun will surpass his home run total from a year ago, barring any injuries. The Brewers' star has a legitimate shot in besting his stats in every single category.


If he does in fact improve from his 2011 season, he will win a second consecutive Most Valuable Player award, but only if Milwaukee advances to the playoffs. The reason Matt Kemp wasn't the MVP was because he was the victim of a subpar team.


If the Brewers somehow turn their season around, Major League Baseball will start getting nervous. The last thing they want is for a steroid user (in their eyes) to win baseball's top honor.

After Braun was vindicated of steroid use, Major League Baseball released the following statement:

Major League Baseball considers the obligations of the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program essential to the integrity of our game, our Clubs and all of the players who take the field.  It has always been Major League Baseball’s position that no matter who tests positive, we will exhaust all avenues in pursuit of the appropriate discipline.  We have been true to that position in every instance, because baseball fans deserve nothing less. As a part of our drug testing program, the Commissioner’s Office and the Players Association agreed to a neutral third party review for instances that are under dispute.  While we have always respected that process, Major League Baseball vehemently disagrees with the decision rendered today by arbitrator Shyam Das

In other words, Major League Baseball was perturbed and pissed off that Ryan Braun was let off the hook.

If you haven't noticed, MLB has shunned Braun from any form of advertisement and media release. Wouldn't you think the league's most valuable player would be involved in commercials?

Many people feel the same way that Major League Baseball does. They believe that Braun is a crook who was exonerated because of a technicality and a loophole. If Braun takes home another MVP award, fans will be even more angry at the commissioner's office for allowing Braun to go unscathed.

The last thing Major League Baseball wants, is for Ryan Braun to take home the ultimate prize once again.


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