Kevin Youkilis Happy With Contract: About Time There Was a "Normal" Guy in MLB

MikeContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

In light of all the negativity around MLB about steroids and HGH and the rest of the drugs, and the money-hungry players looking for the team that'll pay them the most, and the teams that shell out $10 Mil+ or more for one player/year, Kevin Youkilis stated that he was very happy with four years at a little over $10Mil/yr., and also said that this contract basically has him set for life financially. WOW.

OK, sure this is a pretty huge contract, but considering the player that Youkilis is, this is chump change as far as any free agent of his stature could have gotten (maybe not this year but...).

It's great to see a huge star not playing for the money but playing the game for his team, and not needing CC Sabathia/Mark Teixeira money to do it. Let's not forget Manny; the great $25mil/yr. for two years wasn't enough, but that's not for me to judge. Maybe he's late on his mortgage or car payments and really does need more security that that would have given him?