The 10 Best Rivalries in Sports

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The 10 Best Rivalries in Sports

All this recent talk about the Duke-North Carolina rivalry has had me wondering about that age-old question: Which is the best rivalry in sports?

Fans have been arguing this question since what seems like the dawn of time.

Rivalries are what make sports so great. They often fill stadiums and arenas to capacity just so fans can see the epic battle of two rivals.

Every sport from college basketball to tennis has their rivalries that often leave fans buzzing about it for days.

Week after week there seems to be some heated discussion about a rivalry matchup that is coming up. Some rivalries are monumental while others are hardly mentionable.

A team could be having a horrible year, but if they beat their arch-rival, then some good can still come out of the season.

Rivalries often decides championships, divisions, and above all, who gets those bragging rights.

Whenever you are analyzing a matchup between two rivals, normal statistics can normally be thrown out. Players and fans alike pour their hearts and souls into these game more so than any other game.

No matter how bad a team may be playing, teams always seem to step it up a notch when their rival comes up on the schedule.

Everyone has their own argument about which is the best rivalry in all of sports. I would be here for days trying to narrow that down, and there would never be a clear consensus on the which is the best.

So instead of trying to narrow it down to just one, I narrowed it down to 10, which is still extremely tough.

And before I get tons of feedback saying I left out their team's respective rivalry, I am fully aware of leaving out many great rivalries. This slide show would go on forever to name every great rivalry.

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