WWE: How Long Will Each Champion Hold onto Their Title?

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 22, 2012

WWE: How Long Will Each Champion Hold onto Their Title?

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    No Way Out 2012 saw no title changes.  Over the Limit featured only Christian's win over then-Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes.

    WWE is likely antsy to have more titles change hands soon.

    Crowning new champions is an easy way to create excitement.  CM Punk, Sheamus, Santino Marella, Christian, R-Truth/Kofi Kingston and Layla will probably not be having a Bruno Sammartino-type run.

    Who will fall first and when?

    With increasingly deserving challengers closing in on them, each of these champions is likely to lose their belt before the end of the year.  

Divas Championship-Layla

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    Layla returned at Extreme Rules to snatch the belt off the short-lived Divas champ, Nikki Bella.  

    Since winning the title, she's managed to fend off Beth Phoenix's challenge time and time again.  The likely scenario is that Phoenix finally reclaims the Divas Championship in the near future.

    Many fans' dream scenario is that Kharma returns and promptly beats Layla.  

    We haven't seen many signs of that happening, so the best bet for Layla is that she lasts as champ until Money in the Bank.  Phoenix gets one final shot and finally defeats Layla.  

Intercontinental Championship-Christian

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    Christian and Cody Rhodes' feud should and will probably last for a few more pay-per-views.  

    Their matches have been fantastic thus far and there really isn't a place for either man anywhere else at this point.  Rhodes will eventually get a world title run, but that will have to wait.  

    Christian could get another chance at the top of the WWE world, but having him bolster the IC title's prestige for now is an ideal situation for the company.  

    Christian should survive as IC champ through the summer, then drop the belt to some young upstart come Hell in a Cell.

Tag Team Championships-Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

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    WWE's recent attempts to put the tag team belts on a team with some traction and star power has stuttered.  Evan Bourne's suspensions and R-Truth's injury has ruined their plans.

    With the current champs missing a partner and a growing field of competitors, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth's days as champs are numbered.  

    WWE will likely look to put some of their young, unproven wrestlers in the spotlight.  The Primetime Players, the Usos or Primo and Epico may claim those belts before we even reach Money in the Bank.

    The next few episodes of Raw and SmackDown could be very interesting in that regard.

United States Championship-Santino Marella

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    Santino Marella's hot streak has cooled off.  Blame poor booking and lack of title defenses, but Santino's US Championship run has been underwhelming.

    His next defense is likely his last.  

    There are a number of deserving up-and-coming stars who would flourish in the role of United States champ.  Santino can do his comedy routine without the belt.

    The only way Santino makes it through Money in the Bank with the title is he doesn't defend it.  

World Heavyweight Championship-Sheamus

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    Without strong competition for the World Heavyweight Championship, Sheamus may hold onto the belt for most of 2012.

    Unless there's a heel turn by a big name, most of the heels are either busy or out of action.  The Miz is not likely being considered for that role.  According to F4WOnline (via Wrestlinginc.com), Alberto Del Rio has been involved in backstage squabbles with WWE management.  

    Dolph Ziggler is the most likely candidate, but he may be a few at least months away from taking that next step as world champ. 

    If Ric Flair really does come in as Ziggler's manager, it may only be a matter of time before the Showoff dethrones Sheamus.  Like they've been doing with Cody Rhodes, they'll likely be patient and have him come close several times before actually winning the belt.

    The Celtic Warrior will likely hoist the big gold belt above his head until Survivor Series.  Then it may be Ziggler's turn.  

WWE Championship-CM Punk

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    CM Punk has held the WWE title for over 200 days now.  That reign may be coming to an end soon.

    Wrestlinginc.com reported that WWE officials considered putting the belt on Daniel Bryan for the last two pay-per-views.  

    It seems the company is antsy to see how Bryan would do in that position.

    Will Punk lose the title at the same event that he won it and the Match of the Year award last year?

    WWE will probably hold off on changing champs until SummerSlam, having the Bryan and Punk feud catch more fire before having it reach its climax.  Bryan and Punk will likely battle for that belt for the majority of this year.  

    It's unlikely Punk will be able to keep it past August.