The Lions' 2009 Calendar Is Genius

LaddCorrespondent IFebruary 11, 2009

Everybody is ripping the Lions for “mistakenly” putting former Detroit WR Roy Williams on the cover of its 2009 calendar.

I think this move is sheer genius.  The cover of a team calendar should make fans excited about the upcoming season.  It should feature a player who will help lead the team in the right direction—a player who will bring the team closer to a Super Bowl berth...a player like Roy EEE Williams!!

The Cowboys gave the Lions first, third, sixth, AND seventh-round picks for this bum.  This means Roy is going to singlehandedly rebuild the team!  Sure, Megatron would’ve been the obvious choice for cover man, but obvious is for dopes who don’t know how to exercise their minds.  The Lions are quickly becoming a bunch of winners who are learning how to think outside the box!

Bravo, Detroit, bravo!!!!

Original image via Det News