Brandon Jacobs Rewards 6-Year-Old Fan Who Tried to Keep Him in New York

Shane DarrowAnalyst IIJune 21, 2012

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Hopefully everybody has heard the story by now. The story of six-year-old Joe Armento, who sent the $3.36 he had in his piggy bank to San Francisco in order to try and keep Brandon Jacobs with the New York Giants (via ABC News).

Well, Brandon Jacobs returned the favor, and it was worth much more than just over three dollars. The little boy's gesture touched him so much that when he went back to New Jersey to help move himself and his family back west, he paid a visit to the boy.

Armento, as well as his brother, were treated by Brandon Jacobs, who was accompanied by his own five-year-old son, to a trip the Jump On In bounce house in Boonton, N.J., where they spent close to two hours (via

Jacobs tweeted a picture of the four in the bounce house and saying, "Little Joe and his brother Nick and my so Brayden and me had so much fun today at Jump On In." (Jacobs needs some help on sentence structure).

Armento returned home with much more than a story to tell his friends. Jacobs gave him an autographed helmet, as well a five dollar bill to cover the $3.36 that was mailed to him.

At a time when the sports world has been stuck covering the Roger Clemens trial for lying to Congress about taking steroids, or the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse case at State College, it really is refreshing to hear stories like this one.

Cheers to you, Brandon Jacobs, for giving one little fan a story he will surely never forget.