25 Women You Never Knew Were WAGs

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJune 21, 2012

25 Women You Never Knew Were WAGs

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    WAG lists are often predictable and redundant. After all, there are only so many WAGs out there today worth writing about. Well, I write about them, you ogle them and think impure thoughts about them. Whatever though, either way we're both limited and at the mercy of the current crop of WAGs. 

    Or are we? Not so fast. 

    The general rule of thumb is to keep light-hearted lists like this current, but we all know rules are meant to be broken. And nobody likes breaking the rules more than me…except for maybe Lindsay Lohan. So I've thrown away all the usual suspects to bring you 25 lovely ladies you may have never known were WAGs.

    Though, before you get all high and mighty about it, I'm sure you'll recognize at least a few of these beautiful broads as one-time WAGs. But I've spent more time than I'd care to admit researching this, guaranteeing more than a few surprises. And I did it all for you

    You're welcome. Now let's get this party started.

25. Halle Berry—David Justice

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    Actress Halle Berry and baseball player David Justice were together for five years in the mid 90's—so it's been quite awhile. If you remember them as a couple at all, it's likely because of their particularly messy breakup. 

24. Marlene Dietrich—Joe DiMaggio

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    The late Marlene Dietrich was a German-born actress who was considered one of the most beautiful women in the world and went on to become one of the highest-paid actresses of the era. 

    Dietrich lived to the age of 90 and was linked with so many prominent men it would make your head spin. In addition to Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio, there was Edward R. Murrow, Spencer Tracy, Howard Hughes, John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Jimmy Stewart and was once rumored to be involved with Adolf Hitler. 

23. Mariah Carey—Tom Brady & Derek Jeter

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    Early in his career, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady burned through girlfriends and singer Mariah Carey was one of his short-term flings. A very short term fling actually—a couple of dates and some speculation was all it consisted of. 

    Carey's relationship with Yankees star Derek Jeter lasted a bit longer. The couple were together from 1997-98—which might be considered a long-term relationship for The Jeet. 

22. Ashley Dupre—Michael Jordan

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    NBA legend Michael Jordan sure loves his vices: Gambling, smoking cigars and wining and dining call girls (or former call girls) are among his hobbies. Ashley Dupre is best known as the escort that brought about the downfall of former New York Governor Elliott Spitzer. 

    The two were briefly linked in 2006, which was a full two years before meeting his current fiance, Yvette Prieto. 

21. Tina Louise—Bo Belinsky

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    Actress Tina Louise, best known as the movie star "Ginger" from Gilligan's Island, dated major league lothario Bo Belinksy in 1962. 

    Actually that's a bit of an exaggeration, Belinksy wasn't known as a womanizer, he just had a really great run in the early 60's. 

20. Pamela Anderson—Kelly Slater & David Binn

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    Famous blonde person Pamela Anderson's dating resume is quite lengthy at this point. Over the years though, Anderson has mostly stuck with actors, rockers and total skeevs—like Rick Salomon of One Night in Paris fame. 

    But she has made time in her schedule for a couple of athletes over the years. First is surfer Kelly Slater who she dated from 1998-2000 and more recently in 2007, she was linked to NFL long snapper David Binn. 

19. Bianca Jagger—Bjorn Borg & Ron Duguay

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    As if the name wasn't immediately recognizable, but retired actress and model Bianca Jagger was married to Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger from 1971-78. Obviously things didn't work out. 

    Prior to meeting Mick, Bianca was linked with Swedish tennis stud Bjorn Borg and after her divorce she was briefly linked with retired NHL player Ron Duguay. 

18. Niki Ghazian—Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Niki Ghazian is an international model and former player in the Lingerie Football League. She's been featured in a number of publications including FHM

    In 2008, she was briefly featured on the arm of Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Naturally it didn't last, Cristiano had a very short attention span back then. 

17. Shannon Elizabeth—Mark Philippoussis

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    Actress Shannon Elizabeth, of being naked with a bad accent in American Pie fame, is one of the very large number of ladies that Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis has been romantically linked to. 

    Among Philippoussis' other conquests are former tennis goddess Anna Kournikova and countless aspiring actresses and glamor models from around the world. 

16. Britney Spears—Tom Brady

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    Count me among those who had no idea that pop sensation Britney Spears and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady were an item for about 5 minutes back in 2007.

    Obviously it wasn't anything serious, but the two were spotted together on a few occasions—usually trying to pretend like they weren't together, which definitely means they were. 

15. Lana Turner—Joe Louis

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    I was always under the impression that, back in the day, casual sex and racking up divorces was frowned upon. Apparently Hollywood was the major exception to that rule, because actress Lana Turner is just one of a number of starlets with countless romantic entanglements and seven divorces to her name. 

    Famous boxer Joe Louis is among her many, many conquests. Others include actor Paul Newman, the late President Ronald Reagan, mobster Bugsy Siegel, aviator Howard Hughes, singer Frank Sinatra and the dashing Sean Connery. 

14. Jane Russell—Ralph Kiner & Bob Waterfield

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    The late, great actress Jane Russell was a midwestern girl from Minnesota who went on to become one Hollywood's biggest sex symbols throughout the peak of her career in the 40's and 50's.

    Russell dated Hall of Fame left fielder Ralph Kiner early in her career and was later linked to Hall of Fame quarterback Bob Waterfield. She focused on quality not quantity of athletes—Tara Reid could learn a lesson.

13. Aly Michalka—Matt Leinart

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    Actress Aly Michalka, of being pretty fame, and quarterback Matt Leinart, of holding a clipboard fame, were linked for a couple of weeks…or so…around April of 2011. 

    Michalka could be an up-and-coming talent, so it's no wonder it didn't work out. She probably didn't want some party boy with a beer bong holding her back. 

12. Jean Harlow—Johnny Weissmuller

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    Perhaps the original "blonde bombshell," actress Jean Harlow only lived until the age of 26, but she made quite an impact and is ranked as one of the greatest movie stars of all time by the American Film Institute. 

    Harlow also had plenty of time for a social life and she dated Olympic great Johnny Weissmuller in 1933. Weissmuller was one of the greatest swimmers in the world in the 20's and brought home a total of six Olympic medals—5 gold, 1 bronze. 

11. Gabby Reece—Deion Sanders & Laird Hamilton

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    Volleyball player Gabby Reece was one of the preeminent sex symbols of the 90's. She was one of the first female athletes to successfully market herself into a brand through modeling, acting, and television hosting gigs—in addition to her volleyball success. 

    Reece is actually currently a WAG, married to big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. But when she was at Florida State back in 1985, Reece was linked with a slightly flashier athlete—fellow Seminole Deion Sanders. Reece has actually credited Sanders' advice for much of her success in branding herself. 

10. Ava Gardner—Ralph Kiner

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    The stunningly beautiful actress Ava Gardner is one of the many starlets that Hall of Fame left fielder Ralph Kiner was linked with during the prime of his, and their, careers. 

    He was the only athlete Gardner was ever linked with though, unless you count famed aviator Howard Hughes. She's best known for her explosive relationship with the legendary Frank Sinatra. 

9. Jordana Brewster—Derek Jeter

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    Actress Jordana Brewster, who should really be more famous than she is, was linked to Yankees superstar Derek Jeter from 2002-03. That was actually three years before her big break in the cinematic plague better known as Annapolis

    Prior to dating Jeter, Brewster had been a soap opera actress on As the World Turns for six years. The Jeet was definitely the highlight of her dating game—she was later linked with Mark McGrath, of making our ears bleed fame. 

8. Mae West—Victor McLaglen & Joe Louis

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    Legendary actress Mae West began her acting at age five in 1898. She went on to become one the most famous actresses in the world, a playwright, screenwriter and, naturally, a sex symbol, in her career that spanned seven decades. 

    Among the many men that had romanced West are famed boxer Joe Louis, the World Heavyweight Champion from 1937-49, and Victor McLaglen, an English boxer and war veteran who eventually became a successful actor. 

    West was also apparently "romantically linked" with flashy singer Liberace when they were both working in Las Vegas in the 1950's. Something tells me it wasn't exclusive :)

7. Elizabeth Taylor—Ralph Kiner & Glenn Davis

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    Aside from her stunning good looks, the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor was known for three things: Diamonds, drama and divorces. 

    She was linked to one time NFL player Glenn Davis in 1948 and Hall of Fame left fielder Ralph Kiner in 1952. 

6. Farrah Fawcett—Dan Pastorini & Ron Duguay

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    The late actress Farrah Fawcett's feathered blonde locks and megawatt smile defined beauty in the 1970's. Naturally she attracted her fair share of attention from the boys. 

    Fawcett was linked to retired NFL quarterback Dan Pastorini in 1979 and within a year briefly dated retired NHL player Ron Duguay. 

5. Vivica A. Fox—Dennis Rodman & Terry Norris

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    Actress Vivica A. Fox's career peaked in the mid 90's with her starring role in the summer blockbuster Independence Day. Fox was a hot commodity after her body bearing role of a stripper opposite love interest Will Smith. 

    That was right around the time she dated (now retired) boxer Terry Norris, a three-time world champion in the light middleweight division. A few years later Fox decided to walk on the wild side with Bulls bad boy Dennis Rodman. 

4. Ann-Margret—Bo Belinksy

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    Swedish-born actress Ann-Margret became an instant sex symbol after her memorable performance in Bye Bye Birdie in 1963. She also went on to star in Tommy and the very controversial Carnal Knowledge. 

    Margret had her share of suitors and one of them was the late Bo Belinksy, a one time pitcher in the major leagues. The pair dated briefly in 1962, just one year before Margret began dating Elvis Presley. 

3. Marisa Miller—Jim Miller & Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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    Model Marisa Miller is best known for her appearance on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and her three year stint as one of Victoria Secret's sexiest angels. 

    Miller's first husband Jim was a surfer and promoter, but their marriage was short lived and ended in 1998. She and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. dated from 2002-03. 

2. Cindy Crawford—Shaquille O'Neal

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    Model Cindy Crawford might have been the most super of all the supermodels that took the world by storm in the early 90's. She and her trademark mole were completely inescapable for most of the decade. 

    NBA big man Shaquille O'Neal was one of her many admirers and the two were briefly rumored to be dating in the mid 90's. Before settling down with Rande Gerber in 1997, Crawford was also linked to actors Robert De Niro and Richard Gere, Daily Show host Jon Stewart and rocker Jon Bon Jovi. 

1. Raquel Welch—Joe Namath

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    Everyone knows that retired Jets quarterback "Broadway Joe" Namath enjoyed the many perks that come along with fame and money. His way with the ladies is legendary, but showing up to the 1972 Academy Awards on the arm of Raquel Welch was pretty much epic. 

    After appearing in 1966's One Million Years B.C., Welch's iconic poster in which she dons a fur bikini, made her one of the most desired women in the world. As famous as Namath was at the time, he looks every bit as awkward and delighted as a boy from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, should look in that situation.