The All-Time Greatest Athletes To Contract HIV

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The All-Time Greatest Athletes To Contract HIV

Although the story seems to still be in its infancy stage, reports have surfaced of a lawsuit which claims that All-Star second baseman and probable future Hall-of-Famer Roberto Alomar has AIDS.

The New York Daily News reports that Alomar’s former girlfriend has filed a lawsuit which accuses the 12-time All Star of having unprotected sex with her despite his condition and exposing her children to the virus.

She tested negative for the disease, but is seeking punitive damages for emotional distress.

While his lawyers claim the suit is “frivolous and baseless,” it appears that HIV and AIDS have once again taken center stage in the sports world.

This brings up an interesting (and admittedly awkward) topic…Who are the greatest American athletes to contract the HIV virus?

First, a few disclaimers…

Boxing legend Esteban De Jesus is not American-born and therefore is not eligible for the list. The controversial lightweight champion was born in Puerto Rico (yes, I know it’s a commonwealth) and died there of AIDS in 1989.

Due to questions concerning whether heavyweight boxer Tommy Morrison even has the HIV virus, he was not added to the list. The star of Rocky V and former WBO heavyweight champion claims that he was given a false-positive back in 1996 and has tested negative on several occasions since.

Finally, anyone looking for NFL great Lyle Alzado on this list is simply misinformed. Despite plenty of rumors to the contrary (especially throughout the late 1980’s), the overpowering defensive end never had AIDS and actually died of a brain tumor in 1992.

And now to the list…

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