NBA Draft 2012: Why the Philadelpia 76ers Must Draft Terrence Ross

Baily Deeter@@deetersportsSenior Writer IIIJune 21, 2012

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 27: Terrence Ross #31 of the Washington Huskies looks to shoot over Gerald 'Chip' Armelin #23 of the Minnesota Golden Golphers in the first half during the semifinals of the NIT men's basketball championship at Madison Square Garden on March 27, 2012 in New York City.  (Photo by Jason Szenes/Getty Images)
Jason Szenes/Getty Images

Philadelphia played well last year, but by the time the season gets underway, the team will be completely different.

Lou Williams, Spencer Hawes and Jodie Meeks are headed for free agency, and Williams and Hawes are likely to be playing somewhere else. Andre Iguodala could be traded, and the Sixers could move up in the draft.

The Sixers need to get a center, and the draft could fix it. However, they would benefit from getting another shooting guard, like Terrence Ross.

Ross is a great shooter (something the Sixers do not have) and he can create his own shot very well. He is a good defender and he can attack the basket, although it is not his biggest strength. Oh, and Ross has incredible leaping and dunking ability.

Wait, I forgot the best part...he is going to be available when the Sixers pick.

The Sixers already have Evan Turner, a versatile player who is capable of playing point guard, shooting guard or small forward. However, since Turner is a great rebounder and defender, he is probably best playing small forward.

However, for Turner to play small forward and Ross to play shooting guard, Andre Iguodala would have to be traded.

According to a report from Marc Stein and Chad Ford of ESPN, Toronto is looking to trade for an athletic wing man, which Andre Iguodala is. Toronto is offering a lot for Iguodala.

The Raptors would be willing to give up the eighth pick in the draft, point guard Jose Calderon and power forward Ed Davis just for Iguodala. While Philadelphia does not need a point guard, and they would rather have a center, they should definitely do the deal.

Center Andre Drummond could be available with the eighth pick, although it is not likely. If the Sixers really want the athletic center, they could swap picks with another team, but they could also pick another center.

John Henson, Meyers Leonard and Tyler Zeller are three centers that will be available with the eighth pick. The Sixers will not pick Zeller eighth, and they probably will not pick Leonard, since he may be too much of a project.

That leaves center/power forward John Henson.

Henson is a great defensive player, and he can rebound very well. While Henson's offensive game is not great, his shooting and his post-play have improved tremendously.

Since the Sixers are a team built around defense, Henson would fit in well.

If Henson was drafted, he would probably start at the 5 right away. Jrue Holiday would continue to run the point, Evan Turner would move to small forward, Lavoy Allen or Davis would play power forward, and the 15th pick would be the shooting guard.

That 15th pick must be Terrence Ross.

Down low, the Sixers would have a great rebounder in Ed Davis and a great post defender in John Henson. They would have a guy who can get to the hoop, defend the perimeter, and rebound at small forward in Evan Turner, and they would have a good shooter and passer at point guard named Jrue Holiday.

Oh, and they would have a great shooter in Ross.

Since Holiday and Turner can drive to the hoop and pass well, Ross should get the ball a lot. Since the Sixers get a lot of fast-breaks, Ross would be able to light up the crowd and show off his dunking ability.

At first, Turner would play shooting guard, Thaddeus Young would play small forward and Ross would act as the sixth man. However, it will just take a little bit of time before Ross is ready to start and make a huge impact.

Overall, Ross is a great player and a great fit for the Sixers. He would play better with all the young talent around him, and if the Sixers played their cards right and made the Toronto trade, they would instantly become championship contenders.

But to become championship contenders, they must draft Terrence Ross.