Damien Sandow: The Next Breakout Star, Does WWE Know It?

Travis Wakeman@@traviswakeman10Correspondent IIJune 21, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

One of WWE Smackdown's newest and most interesting superstars is Damien Sandow.

After many vignettes aired in which Sandow would try to talk down to most things in today's culture, he finally debuted on the May 4, 2012 edition of Smackdown.

But his debut was also interesting, as it started a trend of Sandow refusing to face "unworthy" opponents—in this case, Derrick Bateman.

So, who is Damien Sandow? Many fans may remember him from his first run in WWE as Idol Stevens or as one half of the "Teacher's Pets" tag team.

The team only lasted a few months on television before being sent back down to Ohio Valley Wrestling. He was released from his developmental contract in 2007, but he didn't walk away from the industry.

After competing on the independent circuit for about a year, Stevens returned to OVW in November 2008 before going to work in Puerto Rico.

In July of 2010, Stevens signed a new WWE developmental deal before reporting to Florida Championship Wrestling. It was here that he would change his ring name to Damien Sandow. He began to hone the character in hopes of getting to try it out on WWE TV.

He has that chance now, but what will make it work?

Sandow is very reminiscent of Lanny Poffo's old school WWF character, The Genius. Sandow is a great talker and at 6'4", he is also very athletic.

Despite what is now a long career with WWE, Sandow is still only 30 years old. His ability to draw the ire of the crowd is his best asset and could lead to him becoming one of the WWE's top heels.

If he is given the time to build his character mainly on Smackdown, Sandow will flourish and dominate the competition in the process.

He could then be moved to Raw, perhaps after a run with the Intercontinental title, where he could become one of the company's top players.

The character is unique in that Sandow acts as though he'd rather not compete, but when pushed to do so, is more than capable. Sure, he's done that against the likes of Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd. If WWE has him do it over a big name, it will launch his career.

WWE has a star in the making here, let's hope they use him to his full potential.