Green Bay in Position To Build Their 3-4

Ken KooimanContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

When one thinks of Green Bay, they usually aren't thinking of how green the grass is at Lambeau Field. In fact, it is commonly thought of as the "frozen tundra."

This is not an article about Green Bay's green grass. This is about the "green eyes of jealousy" toward the Green Bay Packers by one Denver Broncos fan. Here's why!

The NFL will be holding the annual draft on Apr. 25 and Apr. 26, 2009. The Green Bay Packers hold the No. 9 spot. The Denver Broncos hold the No. 12 spot. To many, this doesn't sound like a big deal. Three spots. Whoopee.

Well, it is a big deal. See, the Packers and Broncos happen to have a lot of similarities. They both are making the jump to a three-four defense. This is not an easy adjustment to make. It takes time to get the right personnel in place to find success. Neither team has the time. They are both expected to turn things around now!

The most important position in a three-four defense is the nose tackle. The No. 1 nose tackle on everyone's draft board is B.J. Raji from USC. Both teams need him. At 6'2", 334 pounds, he is the perfect piece to the puzzle they are attempting to put together.

Now, it's definitely not a given that Raji will even be there at No. 9 for Green Bay. He could go earlier. My guess is that Cincinnati takes him at No. 6.

Why am I not jealous of Cincinnati, instead of Green Bay? Green Bay has the opportunity to trade down in the draft with another team—a team who feels they need a player that is still on the board. A quarterback, perhaps.

Anyway, No. 9 is much better than No. 12 and I am definitely envious.