Philadelphia 76ers: 7 Reasons Sixers Must Move Up in the 2012 NBA Draft

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IJune 20, 2012

Philadelphia 76ers: 7 Reasons Sixers Must Move Up in the 2012 NBA Draft

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    The 2012 NBA Draft is just one week away and the Philadelphia 76ers need some serious plans entering draft night.

    Currently the Sixers hold the 15th overall pick and they need to find a way to move up. With so much talent in this draft and Philadelphia being built for the future, it's vital that they take advantage of the situation.

    Philadelphia is a young team filled with a lot of potential. There is no question that their best chance to succeed is in the future, and what better way to build for the future than through the draft?

A Quick Fix Is NOT the Answer

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    This needs to be said first. The Sixers have been a competitive team and have exceeded expectations. However, that does not mean they are built to win now.

    With recent success, it seems as though the front office is inclined to go for a "quick fix" by signing a free agent such as Kris Humphries. The addition would be nice, but it would not put them over the top.

    They still would not be able to defeat teams of the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls' caliber. The competition in the East is just too hard to be overcome so quickly.

    A quick fix just keeps them in the same stage of making the playoffs and exiting the first or second round. If they want to make real progress, then the draft is where the solution lies.

Properly Utilize Andre Iguodala's Value

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    The Sixers should trade Andre Iguodala. It's been said for months now. However, one thing needs to be made clear about all of the trade speculation revolving around Andre Iguodala: They absolutely should not trade him just to get rid of him.

    Instead, they need to trade him for the sake of the future.

    Many fans have argued that they should trade for an experienced big like Pau Gasol, but that is not the answer either. The reason behind trading Iguodala should be that the Sixers realize they cannot win with what they have now.

    Thus, they trade away a player ready to win now for a player ready to win in the future. If they end up trading him for a player ready to win now, then the trade is redundant and they lose all  of Iguodala's trade value.

    Here, the Sixers would be perfectly utilizing Iguodala's trade value.

Lots of Potential Suitors

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    One thing for sure is that the idea of trading for a higher pick is very practical because it is very possible.

    Many teams have expressed interest in trading with the Sixers, and one in particular was the Toronto Raptors.

    Specifically, they are in the hunt for a swing-man and are willing to give up  a package of Jose Calderon, Ed Davis and their eighth overall pick. It's packages like these that the Sixers should be seriously pursuing.

    Plus, the Sixers have already expressed interest in drafting Andre Drummond, so the possibility of trading up really high is definitely likely.

    Philadelphia has a lot of value that other teams with higher picks could definitely have interest in (if they haven't expressed it already, that is).

Good Draft Class

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    There is no doubt that this draft class is quite superior to the past few. Every player projected to be a lottery pick has a lot of potential.

    The higher they move up, the larger the selection of players the Sixers have to choose from. If they want to draft big, then they have options like Andre Drummond, Jared Sullinger, Tyler Zeller and Meyers Leonard. 

    However, they also have a lot to choose from if they want to draft a wing—Jeremy Lamb, Terrence Ross, Dion Waiters or Austin Rivers.

    All of these players could serve legit roles now and especially in the future.

Losing Players

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    The Sixers currently have seven players ready to walk this year. Some of those most likely to be leaving—such as Lou Williams—have a large role on the team, and their void needs to be filled.

    In order to fill that hole now, the Sixers need to acquire a reliable player with a high ceiling through the draft.

    As stated previously, Philadelphia would be able to fill a void at any position because of the huge selection in this draft.

    Losing players is a problem, and if the hole isn't filled properly, it becomes an even bigger issue. The true solution—before it gets ugly—is to fill a hole through the draft.

Need to Rebuild

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    The Sixers have a lot of potential paths to take this offseason. The most probable paths involve trading in the draft to rebuild or signing a free agent for a quick fix.

    Nine players on this team are 25 years old or younger. Although some may be walking, they are still one of the youngest teams in the league.

    Philadelphia should be focused on building around and adding to the core of Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young. 

    We've seen teams successfully build through the draft, like the Oklahoma City Thunder. Granted, they were bad for a while, but success came through a series of high picks. This year, the Sixers have a chance to trade for high first-round picks.

    The Sixers are a young team filled with potential. If their peak is down the road, then they should be trying to max out that peak.

    The future is where their best chance lies. It may take a few years to develop, but it is completely worthwhile. 


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    No matter what path the Sixers choose to take, they need to stay dedicated to it. When they rebuild, they need to go all out. 

    Trading for the top picks in the draft is the solid, aggressive approach Philadelphia should be taking. They need to show that they are serious and dedicated to the rebuilding stage.

    The best way the Sixers can reach success is if they are committed to the path that they take.